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Future Shoes
Jan 2, 2014 by zelda

Hey guys,

Just a quick idea,if no one is able to buy a pair of cleans or scabs maybe try the instructables about how to build your own shoes. It breaks my heart that a lot of peoples sylons have been breaking, but after 14 years the material breaks down apparently. Id they were brand new from the factory, it woudlnt have crumbled like so.

However, if you plan on making your own shoes bear this in mind: it is very important that the grind plate in the arch of the shoe does not come into contact with the ground. If that happens, you risk sliding all over the place when you land. Obviously you dont want that to happen. Theres obviously some risk when grinding, but building the shoes wrong without bearing that in mind (or using worn out shoes) will make that worse.

Building your own shoes will also give everyone the opportunity to literally make their own models, so what are you waiting for? ;)

Jan 2, 2014mindreader

Thats a good idea until the new shoes come out

Jan 2, 2014mcgrinder2011

that is a good idea. you know, my grind mod came from this and another cheaper idea for quick soaps. (in case you forgot my mod uses a plastic folder and zip ties hot glued onto the shoe).
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