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They LIED to Us!!!!
Feb 12, 2014 by freesoaps

Those filthy corporate scumbags at Sequential Brands Group have LIED to us!!!! I had sent them some emails in reference to soaps being brought back, the had the nerve to lead me on about it being brought back, and then they IGNORED ME.

Due to these facts, I believe this filthy company has lied to us. Contact them NONSTOP at:


For anyone interested in dealing with sequential brands group, they are not by any means a reputable company do NOT do business with them.

Feb 12, 2014zelda

hmmm, well this is news to me. I should contact Julia soon, I'll also post an email here but I more or less agree about calling.

Feb 12, 2014mindreader


Feb 12, 2014Relate2Videos

:/ that really sucks, I guess Steve Deel was right. Sequential Brands Group is no company to do business with.

Feb 12, 2014freesoaps

i know i came off a bit strong, but it's enough of their lies and deceitful ways. The only way for them to give the people what they want is to have every single soaper out there call them consistently. Either that or they can change their number, those losers had the nerve to take their phone number off of the website!!

Feb 12, 2014touchmyself

hey guys im a newbie who just joined and wanted to buy some soaps. from some of the comments i see the cleans or the broadsides are the shoes I should get, but i'd like to thank those assholes at sequential brands group for making that impossible by leading on us soapers.

i seriously hope you guys go into liquidation, freaking scumbags. sorry if the language is a little harsh but i really wanted some broadsides

Feb 12, 2014mexicanz

yo freesoaps told me to join so i can vent, that stupid company being vague and not giving us what we want is stupid. I'd like to picket outside of their stupid office, we deserve some freaking broadsides.

Feb 12, 2014gothsoaper

jeez :/ that's really sad guys, I wish Sequential Brands group weren't so ignorant. I'm sorry for all us soapers all we waned were some broadsides

Feb 12, 2014mexicanz

i would have bought 5 pairs, more if they were in different colors.

Feb 12, 2014mcgrinder2011

We should just try telling them about all the money to be made through Soaps. They really need to get these on shelves. And you know, they don't have to serve us and calling them assholes is only going to make it worse.

Feb 12, 2014touchmyself

well i didn't say calling them up and screaming how they are assholes, i agree we should call them up. no worries mcgrinder

Feb 12, 2014freesoaps

i agree, this is probably the best way to vent so we don't do it when we're calling them up on the phone.

Feb 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

touchmyself, I agree on that too and I didn't really mean calling them UP and saying they're assholes; I just meant calling them that in general. ps, Just call me Alex.

And Freesoaps I agree with you one hundred percent. So let's get calling, figure out the issue, and try our best to fix it. I'm betting it's because they don't see the profit in these shoes and the potential these could bring to people. So we should get out there, do demos, promote Soap, and SHOW them just what Soap can do.

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

I don't see how they have mislead anyone and where all the anger is coming from.

Feb 13, 2014chicagoan

I hate to say it, but I kind of knew this was going to happen when I first heard whisperings of the comeback. I emailed the company twice to no response myself. We just have to get a grassroots campaign going and either get them to make the shoe again or interest another company enough to buy the rights.

Unfortunately as mad as we are yelling and screaming about it to the company themselves will get us nowhere. The fact that these creative patents are being held without being used is ridiculous.

Feb 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

chicagoan's got a point. If we're going to have Soap back, then we're going to have to convince SBG that Soap can be profitable to them or just interest another company into buying it.

Feb 13, 2014mindreader

Hi Amanda! Welcome to the forum I see you're new as well. I think what he was getting at was that if no one is going to go around with a petition and get enough people to sign it, that the only way to convince them would be to call them consistently.

A few of us have talked and we feel you guys should choose between two options in another thread. I will post a vote.

Mar 4, 2014mcgrinder2011

On here, and I signed.
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