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a vote
Feb 13, 2014 by mindreader

Hello everyone! Glad to see so much activity on the forum :)

Here are the choices a few of us decided will be best and you decide.

Option A to make a petition with a massive amount of signatures that all of us would need to contribute.

Option B everyone calling sequential brands group consistently until they answer one of us.

Obviously everyone will be favoring option A, however bear in mind it will ONLY work if we have enough signatures.

Everything else about the petition will be discussed via email, so put your emails in the profile section of your about me so you may delete it later.

I hope my post didn't seem mean, but we're running out of time guys and these seem like the best options we have.

Feb 13, 2014zelda

I agree about the petition wholeheartedly, but only if we reach the goal of required signatures or it will not work.

Please speak with us via email about it, otherwise we will contact sequential every single day as much as possible.

Feb 13, 2014manofmisery

I agree with option a as well but like you guys said only if there's enough signatures. It's going to take a lot of signatures but it will work if we are serious about it.

Whats your emails?

Feb 13, 2014freesoaps

A petition sounds like a better idea, I didn't mean to make my thread so angry.

Like you guys said though it needs enough signatures. Whats your emails?

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

I'll sign a petition but don't think it will be effective at all. I'll continue to mail SBG from time to time too.

Not sure why it should be one or the other. We'd be better off doing both.

Also, since joining I've always thought that the best idea would be to work out how to produce grind shoes ourselves. None of us know the skills and abilities if everyone else here. Maybe we have enough people with the right stuff and some passion to do this.

It really can't be that complicated. We definitely have a lot of people here with passion and deep knowledge about what makes a good shoe.

It certainly seems like by doing that we would guarantee that our efforts would be rewarded, as we are taking control within our own hands.

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

We already have one member who has produced some prototype grind plates.

Feb 13, 2014zelda

kowalski: not to contradict what you're saying, but a petition with enough signatures will be substantial. All the details I will explain via email, is your email kowalski(at)hotmail(dot)com?

in reference to making your own soap shoes for your personal use, I'll make another thread explaining the details.

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

I don't mean your own shoes for personal use. I mean actually making some proper grind shoes, the best ever made.

Feb 13, 2014freesoaps

he'll email ya bro, but yeah a petition with like 10,000 signatures of someone who wants a product would do a lot.

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

There aren't 10,000 people who genuinely are crying out for Soaps though, so ...

Feb 13, 2014mindreader

That can change jack

Feb 13, 2014freesoaps

Mr philosophy major ;P

Feb 13, 2014kowalski

Oh dear.

Feb 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

I'll go with option A. And if we don't get enough signatures, we have option B as a backup.
So, where's the petition?

Feb 13, 2014zelda

Dear o dear o dear :P

The petition is not up yet, I believe it needs to be worded properly. Mcgrinder I haven't been able to email for you sometime due to work and all, but I will email you everything tomorrow since I am free. Please do not think anything of it for being Valentine's Day lol

Feb 13, 2014touchmyself

Not to be mean but the petition will work if people won't be lazy :P jus sayin

Feb 13, 2014gothsoaper

Personally I think we should have two teams, one that takes care of the petition, and one that calls sequential. that way if contacting them doesn't work they join the other team for plan A. It's crazy enough to work :)

Feb 13, 2014chicagoan

I think the petition might be a challenge if we dont get enough people to sign. I think the only way to get enough signatures is if all active members take the demo approach and get people who show up to sign. But even then, that is a real challenge.

Our best approach may be to continue to contact SBG and maybe research other shoe companies who are just sitting and waiting to innovate to buy the soap patent? I think the best way to go about this is talk money with these people. They wont understand passion for Soap unless its thousands of people, and we dont have the advantage of that yet because it has been a few years removed since the shoe has been in production.

But we can try both approaches and see what happens--im afraid about the petition though because if we dont get enough signatures that may look bad.

Feb 14, 2014mcgrinder2011

I love all of these opinions and I personally think Gothsoaper's got the best one yet. We should split up into two teams Team 1 will handle the petition and team 2 can call them and talk profit with them. If there's anyone left that isn't on a team; they can do demos while advertising the pure awesomeness of Soap and getting people pumped.

Meanwhile Team 3 can let people know about the petition and have them sign it. They will report to us (me, Zelda and Kowalski) with the signatures and we will add them to the petition. So; sound like a plan? *puts hand out*

Feb 14, 2014Revengasaur

Petitions have been tried consistently since about 2004. They even worked to a certain extent, but getting HSL to reissue Expresses took a petition, a dedicated promoter (who pretty much worked 7 days a week, for free), A personal website that was modified to be the online store and all sorts of other legwork by people already in the loop with HSL corporate. Getting shoes manufactured is a pretty sizable venture. If market reports show that the company stands to lose money on initial investments, with the eventual return hinged on the hope of product growth, they probably won't choose to invest. Especially not in dicey "Lifestyle" products like clothes. We look at them and say "Souless bastards". They look at us and say "Stupid children". My point isn't to be a big naysayer, just to drop a (sadly) much needed reality check. We're in a bad spot as the consumers of this product, because there simply aren't enough of us to be worth the investment anymore. I don't claim to be a genius at economics or anything, but all of this seems like common sense (to me at least, haha.) But If they see a large enough demand then they'll see it fit to supply us. So how do we increase demand? Hit the streets and spread the word. Grassroots promotion of all kinds might be our last, best hope. So don't give up the fight, keep the calls and emails rolling, but also don't expect a petition alone to be the magic bullet that resurrects soap as a brand.

Feb 14, 2014gongon1037

I would go with option B. With option A I think it would be better to print out a petition and go out and have people sign.

I'm super busy and I haven't been able to do much soap related stuff in the past 3 months. Only 2-3 more weeks till I take a break from work. I still want to finish my video.

Feb 15, 2014Revengasaur

I know what you mean about being busy and having a heavy workload dude. I'm less active on the forum now than I've ever been. I still soap every couple of weeks though. I'm looking to get some media up this year sometime hopefully. More media is a great way of spreading the word too, so good work man. It might be long in the works and long in the waiting, but I do still see soaps in the future.

Feb 15, 2014zelda

Guys can you please provide your emails so I may talk to you about it? Frankie it's been a while so I'll send you an email.

Feb 15, 2014kowalski

I really want to put time and effort into resurrecting grind shoes too.

I think the best way to do that is to source the skills and materials required and use the existing knowledge of the community to design a better shoe than we have seen previously.

Lets take our energies and focus them towards activities that move us, inevitably, ever closer to our shared goal.

This is the future of Soaps. If a company starts to produce them then whoopee! But maybe they stop again or maybe no company starts. You could get 3 trillion signatures and be ignored by SBG. You could send 3 billion emails with no effect.

Or, we could pool knowledge and skills and resources to create our own grind shoes; the best ever produced... and every step would be a step closer to our goal. Unerring advancement. Guaranteed by our actions being focused on directly achieving our goal.

Feb 16, 2014Revengasaur

I completely agree Kowalski. We hold our shared fate in our collective hands. When I get some time (and perfect my technique/process more importantly) I'm going to make a full on tutorial on how to make your own plates at home. I need to get back on that project myself though and there's plenty on my plate as it is. Don't worry though, sometimes good things really are worth the wait. This is a good topic, keep the conversation going!

Feb 17, 2014chicagoan

If we could find the resources to "resurrect" soap ourselves, that would be incredible. This could actually end up as a successful business venture. We would just have to figure out legally how to skirt being sued by someone like SBG, because it seems like theyd be more likely to do that then actually produce the shoes we want.

In the event we are able to do that, I would love to h elp make shoe designs! :)

Feb 17, 2014zelda

Amanda I wish I could have emailed you about this, but they can't sue us for making our own shoes for our own personal use. I'm not a lawyer but they can sue if we were making them in mass amounts.

I feel we are getting off topic guys, if we don't make a decision soon I'll make another thread.

Feb 17, 2014zelda

*making mass amounts and selling them

Feb 17, 2014chicagoan

Oh I see. Well maybe we should make a poll on the internet somewhere and post it to the forum to vote on what we should do?

Feb 17, 2014kowalski

How exactly is this off-topic? We are discussing the various options for trying to get grind shoes manufactured again. That is very much on-topic. Also, lol at SBG taking legal action against an alternative grind shoe.

There is no need for a vote, nor is there any need for us to only attempt one of the options on the table.

A better option would be to start all three projects and allow people to put in the time, effort and resources they can to each one when they both can and desire to do so.

1. Currently there is already a drive for us to contact SBG, many of us contact them regularly and, I'm sure, they will continue to do so into the future.

2. If you want to set-up a petition, just do so. Set-up the petition, I'm positive everyone here will sign it and those who can and want to can campaign for more signatures with your encouragement.

3. I want to work towards making production quality grind shoes of our own. So I, and whomever else wants to help, will find some it system that helps to facilitate this type of collaboration and start to encourage others to assist with the project.

Feb 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

I guess I could help with the design of the shoes. I am a great artist after all. anyone up for contacting and the petition?

Feb 17, 2014chicagoan

I have another idea for getting to the bottom of what SBG is doing with soap, but I'd rather email about it in case they are checking up on this site regularly. someone please email me at chicagoan95@gmail.com

Feb 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

Also, please Email me at

Feb 18, 2014kowalski

Cool beans. Keep the ideas coming.

My e-mail is in my profile, if you need to mail me for anything.

Feb 18, 2014mcgrinder2011

like shoe ideas???:)
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