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possible broadsides
Mar 3, 2014 by grug250

i just learnt of a stock pile of soaps going to chech them out and its a good chance it contains broadsides i will keep u updated

Mar 3, 2014kowalski


Mar 4, 2014mcgrinder2011

Where is it? I want to know!

Mar 5, 2014grug250

it's in australia they dont have an website i meet one of the workers while i was soaping and she told me of the stock pile i'm checking thwm out this weekend i'm going to do a stock take of models and sizes of what they have and i'll let yall know

Mar 5, 2014mcgrinder2011

You are way too lucky. I hope you step on a lego!

Mar 5, 2014grug250

wow lego now thats painful :'( lol comon bro you wont find if ya don't look

Mar 5, 2014mcgrinder2011

In case you didn't know, I have no source of income, no Ebay, no Amazon, no car, and no internet at home. Walk a mile in MY shoes and then you can talk to me about not looking!

And I DO have Sylons, finally fixing the other shoe too. They're now made from an old Nike sole and hot glue and seem to hold up well when I tweak my feet.

Mar 6, 2014grug250

geez dude i wasn't having ago at you mate don't think i was being a dick or anything because i wasn't

Mar 6, 2014grug250

oh and good to hear that the mod to your shoe is holding up :)

Mar 6, 2014kowalski

Lol at taking that personally.

Mar 6, 2014mcgrinder2011

*anime vein*
it's not a mod Grug. it's repairs. also what IS your name I never knew it.

Mar 7, 2014grug250

lol sorry thats what i ment lol my bad ................just replace one letter in grug and thats my name lol :p

Mar 7, 2014mcgrinder2011

yeah, I knew that after looking at your email. Google plus add?

Mar 8, 2014kowalski

So, what is there? Break it down for us.

Mar 9, 2014grug250

there are sylons, mb tanks,a couple of boltars, Ordnance and some others i think and they are all size 6 7 8 all the bigger sizes i already bought them all and they are gone almost i think i got two pairs of 14 black cleans now not sure have to look i pretty much sold everything i bought in half a day

Mar 9, 2014kowalski

Nice find.

Mar 10, 2014LIGERZERO7

Nice. :)

Mar 11, 2014chicagoan

shame there was no broadsides, but a nice find! do you remember the colors the boltars came in?

Mar 11, 2014grug250

no sorry cant remember the colour of them

Mar 12, 2014zelda

Amanda do you have a boyfriend :)

Mar 12, 2014mcgrinder2011

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