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first torque grind
Mar 19, 2014 by mcgrinder2011

So I brought my Sylon to school last friday(yes, I said Sylon, get over it). I just. got done with a test in 7th and I whipped out my soap for a quick grind before heading back to class(I was taking said test on another floor). when I hopped on the rail for a short torque, I jumped a bit too late and hit the one part I DIDN'T want to grind: the slanted part. I bailed off after a second or two and smashed my back onto the floor, continued sliding and braked with my hand. I almost fell down a flight of stairs because I wanted to soap a rail after a test.

Shoes stayed together though*thumbs up* those are durable now!

Mar 19, 2014LIGERZERO7

Ouch lol. Lucky you could use your soaps at school. Almost got caught when I was going down the rails at my school.
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