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May 17, 2014 by mcgrinder2011


First off, if you aren't banned/kicked before you read this, I commend you for actually evading the mods/staff for this long. However, I'm afraid you will be off the forum before you actually get a chance, but in the event that you do read this; I have something to say.

First off, Soap is a semi-dead company, that I am aware of. It really is sad that you actually come on here and flame people who still use Soap shoes whether it be for comfort or fun when walking.

Second, You're 'all too creative' when it actually comes to trying to faze us Soapers. Seriously, It's going to take much more than just telling someone to fuck off then throwing the 'n word' around a bunch of times. You must be pms'ing right now because no one here in their right mind would actually cuss so many times and get away Scot free with the mods.

Third, I am not Black so that word doesn't affect me period. If you think tossing that word around like it's nothing will get you anywhere period, it never will. Besides, That word is racist and so were your comments about Fried Chicken. You should know that saying that in public can get you thrown in jail.

p.s. Hate to gloat, but us soapers DO get pussy. Myself, at least once a week.

May 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

p.p.s. Just bigger off, you won't break any of us anyway.

May 17, 2014kowalski

Dude, don't feed the troll. Trolls feed on attention.

Ignore the troll to starve it.

May 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

Whatever, this is the last bit of attention that douche will get anyway. So what do I care if he actually comes back flaming us again. He won't break us.

May 17, 2014kowalski

Chill, bro.

I hope you get some time to Soap soon.

May 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

I'm chilled, bro.

And Since I'm out of school, I'm getting much more time to soap. Now if only I had more plates.
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