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Old and Hard to Find Soap Vids
Sep 20, 2006 by snares

Ho-K, i give up. I have been searching the net and have found nothing.
Can anyone here help with regards to finding any of the listed vids :-

DEOS 3/4/5 (listed but not available on www.soapshoes.info).

Relate's oNe/tWo.

just cant seem to find any of these vids online. I'd really like to add them to my collection.
If anyone can help, or point me in the right direction that'd be kick-ass.

Sep 20, 2006Wesker

I have them all, give me a ring on AIM (Wesker2236) and i'll see if I can transfer it to ya.

Ask for oNe/tWo, I haven't gotten any free time to upload those yet.

Sep 20, 2006snares

cheers wesker, i guess i should go DL AIM now then eh. :D.

Sep 20, 2006AnthoFlex

AthensFSW vids are a SUPER waste of time just to let you know.....just a heads up

Sep 20, 2006snares

lol Antho. i thought the 1st AthensFSW vid was ok, but the 2nd (and all following) sucked.

The first one has quite good editing, nice song (if i remember right).
But then it all changed, it like they got a copy of Adobe after effects or something and suddenly had all these cheesy/crappy transition's/fades and effects to work with.
They crammed in all these effects and over-used them to such extent that it ruined the video.

Anyways, Wesker i've got a a copy of AIM and have added you to my bud-list (XsnaresX).

Sep 21, 2006AnthoFlex

Yea, the first one had sum col grinds, but then everything just went down the toilet hahha
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