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soap stuff maybe for sale
Jul 21, 2014 by zelda

Hey guys, I'm thinking of selling almost all my soap stuff. Shoes, stuckers, maybe hats, tons of stuff that I think I'll just sell. There was a time when I had about 70 pairs of shoes and they are almost gone, so I think I'm good at this point and would just prefer cash. Usually I sell my soap stuff to revegasaur so if no one wants it it will all go to him. Frankie is a good dude

Jul 21, 2014Jersey

hey man, what's up? I'd definitely be interested in a pair of size 12s if you happen to have any.

Jul 21, 2014Revengasaur

Thanks for the ups dude, haha. If you have any gems left around I'd take a look. I've decided that my collection is pretty much at critical mass though. I'm currently letting some stuff go on ebay if anybody is interested. I'm aware that some of the bin prices are high, but there are no reserve prices.

Jul 22, 2014grug250

Revengasaur add me on fb and let me know what you are selling ............zelda bro i want it you know i do

Apr 14, 2015Sambonie1

got a t-shirt

Apr 15, 2015grug250

zelda is not around anymore mate
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