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salomon grind shoes
Jul 21, 2014 by VintageGMan

Yo guys. Just a quick good deed for the day. If any of you want to do soul tricks on your soaps check ebay. There is a set of Mr Wilsons on Ebay US going for a reasonable price considering how rare they are and they look almost mint (size 10.5).I had 2 pairs of these and while they are not broadsides they are still extremely satisfying when popping a makio or mizou on a hand rail. Enjoy guys, hope one of you gets a chance to try them and keep the passion going. Peace Out. VGM.

Jul 21, 2014Revengasaur

I also have a pair of X factors up for bidding, but they're a little more pricy as they are a promo model/discontinued. They're a US men's 9.5.

Jul 22, 2014grug250

i bought 3 pairs of those Xfactors for about $60 each i think it was

Jul 25, 2014kowalski

I only wore my Mr Wilsons a few times. I left them in Oslo and haven't been back yet.

Aug 5, 2014grug250

fuck yeah just got these

Aug 6, 2014mcgrinder2011

I hate you Greg.*punches arm playfully*

Aug 6, 2014grug250

:) the soul plate is so smooth bro :)
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Derek Brooks hittin a Mizuo
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Brett Dierker with a Frontside.
Darren McCall hittin a Phat royale
Mike Mellenthin hittin a UFO at the local school