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Tony Hawk wearing Soap Shoes
Nov 22, 2014 by Louis

Just thought I'd alert you guys to thisif you haven't seen it already. Fast Forward to 1m40s

Tony Hawk 2014 Video Part - Perched: http://youtu.be/k_3RnrJQwh8

Nov 22, 2014grug250

alright thats it im e-mailing sbg again with this link because if that part of the vid doesnt boost the word for soap shoes than i dont know what will tony has just pretty much opened up a whole new market for soaps as so many skaters will see that and want to try it fuck why wont they realise that thwere is a market for soaps

Nov 28, 2014mcgrinder2011

I don't know dude, SBG must think Soap isn't profitable at all. We need to let them know that they can benefit greatly from Soap.

Nov 28, 2014mcgrinder2011

That's SICK tho! What shoes are he wearing? They look like Express, probably are. But still!

Nov 28, 2014grug250

yeah they are Express dude .....sbg are fucking stupi man

Nov 29, 2014mcgrinder2011

True dat bro. They're quite ignorant if they don't see the potential in Soap, let alone notice it's there. With Heelys. Which I'm pissed they got a return BUT NOT FUCKING SOAP!!!!!

Nov 29, 2014grug250

yeah man i was out today and had like 15 people come up to me and ask where to get them

Nov 29, 2014Jersey

Lol whenever I'm wearing my soaps I get "HOLY SHIT ARE YOU WEARING SOAPS?!"

Nov 29, 2014grug250

allthe og's new what they were but all the younger people wanted to know how toget them lol ........i was a ta inline blading comp

Nov 30, 2014mcgrinder2011

shit guys, all the publicity you get reminds me that I need to get into the skate park, show my stuff. I really need to get Soap's name out there much more. BUT at least my cousin's into it. He asked me for a pair last night.

Nov 30, 2014grug250

sweet as hook him up

Nov 30, 2014Waffle

Hey! Alot of people should team up and Soap together with posters that say "We Demands Soap" In a public city or something. Just a suggestion!

Jan 17, 2015Waffle

Fucking epic! Seriously I showed it to me friend and he thought wow pretty badass.

Jan 29, 2015Revengasaur

Looks like I have a new claim to fame: "Guy who sold Tony Hawk soap shoes."
I can add it to my resume next to other amazing accolades such as, but not limited to:
"Dude who saw Mac Dre this one time on a BART train in the 90's"
"Person who flew in the same plane as Magic Johnson."
"Vassar's Family Pizza Metal Slug X Speed Run Competition Champion 1999"
and of course
"Most likely to wear shorts with and alarmingly short inseam."

Jan 29, 2015grug250

hahaha thats awesome

Jan 29, 2015Waffle

Metal Slug X? We got a badass over here! xD

Jan 30, 2015mcgrinder2011

Shit revengasaur, you have a lot of titles! I just have "that one minecrafter who likes to make friends". Nobody really knows my name except my friends...

Jan 30, 2015Revengasaur

Don't give up the fight boys. You don't win medals by sitting in front of a computer.

Jan 30, 2015Waffle

Yea I won the award for 'Best Soaper in my class' Good start XD!

Jan 31, 2015mcgrinder2011

Great start. I already have the award for best Soaper in my neighborhood.

Jan 31, 2015Waffle

I got best Soaper in Kosovo :P no one soaps here.

Feb 1, 2015mcgrinder2011

Neither does anyone in fayetteville. There was one friend of mine tho. He tried soaping once and broke his arm... But he doesn't Soap anymore. he doesn't even have shoes.

Apr 5, 2015broox

this skateboard/soap shoe marriage is the exact thing i wanted to see happen with soap shoes.

that backslide deck grab is dope. imagine grinding a rail and acid dropping off the end, etc, etc.

Apr 5, 2015grug250

I hear that I actually have his home address and sent him a letter about what he thinks of soaps and ifbhe would rep them ifbthey werrere to come back

Apr 5, 2015Waffle

Yes. Frank sent it to me. That dude's dope.
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