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Extreme Grindage
Sep 22, 2015 by Sambonie1

OK so on Facebook I changed Maximum Grindage to Extreme Grindage with a new logo and such and theres a website called aliveshoes where they'll make shoes that you design but they haven't done grind plates before and the cost for custom soles is euro €699= aus $1095.15

Sep 22, 2015Sambonie1

So yea my job plus donations would be great (via check would be nice if anyone does thx).

Sep 23, 2015Waffle

Ok first. That is pricey as hell. Second. Get that shit patented.

Sep 24, 2015Sambonie1

good point because now its 699 euro = 1120.85 aus

Sep 24, 2015Sambonie1

Just made a petition
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