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Soaps for sale.
Sep 23, 2015 by aname

Hey guys I've been selling off my soap collection and figured I'd post what I have left. So for sale is:

Soap dash sample size 9 near new used once- 30 bucks
Soap Praba sample size 9 used a few times- 30 bucks
Soap septums with extra plates size 9- 30 bucks
Solomon x factors kind of beat up and shoe goo'd buy still useable- 30 bucks

If I find anything else I'll post them up.

Sep 24, 2015Sambonie1

what grindplate does your septums have and im intrested of having the prabas but what colour are the prabas

Sep 24, 2015aname

bbk and uhf orginials.

the dash are blue
the septums are gray/blue
praba are maroon/white

Sep 24, 2015Waffle

Yea. Dude I dont think selling is a good idea. Just Me. All those shoes are HYPER rare..

Sep 25, 2015aname

Yeah I'm surprised they haven't sold yet. At 30 dollars a pair, pretty good deal. Sold about 10-12 of my other soaps already same pricing some cheaper.

Sep 25, 2015Sambonie1

what website is it on

Sep 25, 2015aname


Sep 26, 2015Sambonie1

it says the sell has ended since 21 sept

Sep 26, 2015Sambonie1

ignore that comment

Oct 8, 2015Waffle

Especially the X-FACTORS

Oct 10, 2015aname

Yep, pretty hard to find stuff. I think they're priced for about 20 a pair now lol.

Oct 19, 2015Brogod12

I'm gonna get it
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