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SOAP SHOES — Secret Tips & Tricks (Full Audio Book - TTS Version)
Nov 2, 2015 by JAUNZEMIS


LISTEN TO THE FULL UNABRIDGED AUDIO BOOK FOR MY NEW BOOK SOAP SHOES -- Secret Tips & Tricks FREE! Click the link and listen to the full playlist on my YouTube. Hope you guys enjoy! Soap 4 life! :)

SOAP SHOES — Secret Tips & Tricks (Full Audio Book - TTS Version)
Written by Ryan Jaunzemis
www.SoapShoesSecretTipsAndTricks.com | 702.417.7714
Copyright (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved.

(From Back Cover)

He’s been called THE EVIL SEED OF SOAP SHOES, THE BAD BOY OF AGGRESSIVE INLINE, and even THE SOAP GOD himself. THE GURU OF GRIND -- RYAN JAUNZEMIS, (As seen in Soap Shoes’ national sales commercials & Relate Video Productions’ famous full-length Soap videos One & Two) known by Soap fans the world over -- and said to be by many quite possibly the best Soaper of all time -- is about to take you back to the late 90s -- in a time where bowl-cuts, bleached hair, visors, and JNCO jeans were the latest fashion -- on a hilariously funny, wild, no-holds-bars, raw-and-uncut, kinked-out rail of a skating and Soaping adventure in this mammoth-sized, 480 page, full-color deluxe self-published novel as Ryan (At the time), a 17-year-old professional aggressive-in-line-skater from El Segundo, California randomly stumbles onto an ad that had been recently placed in a local Southbay newspaper from a new company called SOAP SHOES who claimed they had just invented a prototype model for the world’s first pair of Grind Shoes; special shoes fashioned with concaved screw-in plastic grind plates in the soles of the shoes which would allow the wearer to slide (Or “Grind”) along curbs, ledges, planters, and even handrails, thereby now allowing the user to be able to mimic the same movements of Aggressive-In-line-Street-Skating without ever even having to strap up; in other words you were now able to go skateboarding -- WITHOUT A SKATEBOARD! Ryan buys a used pair of Soap Shoes from his friend Kenny for $10 dollars, makes himself a sponsor video, and later becomes sponsored by Soap Shoes. Ryan starts bringing in $200 dollars p/h for photoshoots, tours the country, receives free clothes, free shoes, free food, free booze, free hotel rooms, paid travel expenses, all the meanwhile brawling and duking it out with rival skate crews, and slides his way into the hearts of many beautiful young ladies, all while busting out on some of the biggest and baddest rails on the planet! Could this be the sport of the century? You decide! WHETHER YOU'RE A HARDCORE SOAPER, A ROLLERBLADER, SKATEBOARDER, BMX BIKER, HEELYS RIDER, RAZOR RIDER, SNOWBOARDER, SURFER, OR ANYONE ELSE involved in any other type of free-form or aggressive-like street sport you need to get this book, as some of the tips that Ryan has embedded within the confines of this book aren't just mere tips & tricks for success on the streets, THESE SECRETS are the secrets TO LIFE! Get ready for the new book “SOAP SHOES -- Secret Tips & Tricks” and get your grind on fellas, or as Ryan would say, “Soap it up baby!”

This book is available in paperback & Kindle E-book version.
Please visit Amazon.com for more information.

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Nov 3, 2015Waffle

Dopest book ever.

Nov 10, 2015mcgrinder2011

You read Phil?

Nov 10, 2015Waffle

Yes. Ill send you a copy.
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