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Soap Black CLEANS
Nov 7, 2006 by Rand0mRaab

Can I replace the orignal grind plates on them with any kind of grind plate?

Nov 7, 2006Jard39

yes u can

Nov 7, 2006Rictor

yes you can, already asked it before. Are you checking out those Black Cleans on eBay? I just bought a pair from that same person (they just shipped today) but I have 3 sets BBK plates coming in the mail

Nov 7, 2006Rand0mRaab

Yes I bought them off ebay from southernbelt. I went with teh Graphites though.

Nov 7, 2006Rictor

I bought my 13 Black Cleans from southernbelt on wednesday, make sure you pay asap, or shipment will be delayed, I payed on Wednesday night, but they didn't ship till yesturday.

Nov 8, 2006Rand0mRaab

I payed 2 minutes after I won the auction. I used my text messages to outbid then I payed when I arrived home. I lost out on the Flint Ordnances >.>

Nov 8, 2006Rictor

what size did you get because the only person who I could find selling them on ebay had 13/14 grind plates, but I don't think the guy carries 11/12.
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