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soaping when possible
Nov 8, 2006 by the5cooliest

i just recently got soaps i can not stay off them. every time i see a spot to grind i have to grind. this morning going to school i saw a asome rail. i fell twice. does anyone else have the urge.

Nov 8, 2006Kru

I always look for stuff to grind, but sometimes if its like rails or whatnot, since I need more experience with rails and just more time in the shoes--sometimes I just pass them by. Although eventually gotta take the risk so I can get used to it.

Nov 8, 2006shdook

Dude, when I first got my soaps I couldnt stay on very long either. I also used to only be able to get one foot on higher things. I suggest to go buy pvc pipe first.

Nov 8, 2006Curtinator

I would grind every rail I see but I don't wanna be a show off. :P

Nov 8, 2006matrix8967

yeah, he's not kidding...he can't stop...he's about as bad as me...I shoot soap like heroin...me and him skip lunch to soap


Nov 9, 2006Kru

Its hard not to soap when you have them. It is an addiction. Its like "oh man that'd be sweet to soap on"

Nov 9, 2006mnsoaperns

If you have soaps and your not grinding wtf did you get them for? Im pretty sure everyone who visits this site grinds every day and if they don't hit up AT THE VERY LEAST one thing a day I'd be suprised, one day a year later 4 years later it doesn't matter there its always grind time.
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Jordan Muck hittin a frontside at the Monmouth High School
Dario Nieva with a Backside UFO
Aaron Stunkard hittin a Sliding a pink handrail
Tal Zeltzer hittin a Grinding a tall handrail
Brett Dierker with a UFO