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New Soaper, New Soaps, Please Help
Nov 9, 2006 by Rictor

I just got a pair of Soap Cleans in the mail today along with some BBK plates I ordered. I haven't started using my Soaps, as it is 6pm and already dark (damn day light savings or whatever). My question is, Should I Begin to Learn to Soap with my Original Plates (which Cleans come with) or Install The BBK Plates to Learn With?

Nov 9, 2006SSAndroid

well i am not sure, but ive heard that originals are good beginner plates

Nov 9, 2006mnsoaperns

it doesn't really matter man, you should prob use the original plates atleast a little bit for novelty sake so you know what to compare other plates to
then pop on the BBKS and experience the euphoria of great grinds that plate gives...

Nov 9, 2006AnthoFlex

UHFs suck ass, BBKs are the shit

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

umm...thanks AnthoFlex, but I'm looking for a maybe a compound sentence, maybe telling me why I should just put the BBKs on, or why I should keep my UHFs on. Maybe be more like mnsoaperns and actually tell me what and why.

Nov 10, 2006AnthoFlex

Compound? What are you, an English teacher?

Its simple, BBKs are better cause they are thicker (last longer), Multi-colored,Round edges (for Tweak tricks, and are shaped to have Lock-in

UHFs, the COMPLETE opposite

Compound enough for you?

Nov 10, 2006AnthoFlex

Im pissed, not at you Rictor, so dont take that last comment offensively ok? :)

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

much, but I'd like to get your opinion on anything good about UHFs, like since I heard they're good for beginners, I'd like to know why, but you have informed that BBKs rock (good thing I bought 3 sets, Black/Grey/White)

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

Also, my soaps make a squeeky kind of noise when I walk (like the plates are sliding or something) Are they sapposed to make that noise, Are my Plates too Tight, or are they not tight enough (they seem pretty tight, juse when the sole bends it makes it).

Nov 10, 2006Go2Crew

Rictor, I don't know what size you are, but the larger size Cleans and the 1999 versions of the Scab (sizes 12, 13, & 14, since they are so long heel to toe) had a tendance to frame flex (so the plate made a squeek when you walked). No big deal, it's just the plate making a noise because it is stiff and the mounting frame flexes as it bends when you step. Just make certain the screws are tight, but the squeek will usually stay. Soap put a stiffer frame in the later models to stop that.

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

thanks Go2Crew, I've got a Size 13 Clean, I guess Cleans and Scabs were Soap Originals, so I guess the sqeek is natural. Thanks for answering that question. Now back to the debate if keeping my UHFs on will help me Soap any better than just changing to my BBKs.

Nov 10, 2006SapAuthor

UHF originals have no lock on, they are basically a somewhat rounded plate. BBKs have a bigger divit for easier lock on. I say just go with the BBKs, even to begin. The only really "Beginner" plate if you ask me is the express plate, because it has the channel lock V in them for aided lock.

Nov 10, 2006AnthoFlex

And the UHFs are almost completely flat....

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

how much is wax needed, I haven't soaped before and I put a metal pole in my yard(left over from when we put our fence up) and I attempted to slide (of coarse really slow because I didn't want to have bad memories of falling on my ass my first time soaping) but I wasn't really sliding much, I don't know if it's the texture of the pole (it's like stainless steel with that weird plastic stuff over it that they put on metal trashcans to protect from rust) or if it was my poor soaping ability. How much is wax needed?

Nov 10, 2006AnthoFlex

Wax IS needed most likely....imma guess and say that it is an unwaxed, unpainted, aluminum pipe......I have a 10ft aluminuim pipe in my room that is slower than a fucking snail but wax helps....A LOT....but imma just paint it, so that it'll be smooth ALL the time

Nov 10, 2006Kru

UHF plates are awesome because they don't lock on. Therefore you can grind just about any surface and it won't catch on any groove or indentation in the plastic. You can do really tweaked ledge tricks with them.

Nov 10, 2006Rictor

thanks AnthoFlex, wax helped a lot. I just decided to melt down some birthday candles. any special wax I should use, or is candle wax the cheapest/best thing to use.

Nov 11, 2006AnthoFlex

Any wax should do.....except for this stupid squishy Blue candle thing with Jesus pix all over it i bought one time....It worked but when i put it in my pocket it melted like play-doh......stupid blue candle... :p

Nov 11, 2006AnthoFlex

I was too harsh on UHFs though.....i like them for ledges....dunno why, I guess since its less curved so its kinda easier to get on ledges....but then again, i have curb busters....curb busters suck though.....really bad

Nov 11, 2006Rictor

well, Metlty wax would be the best, you should've just dripped it from your pocket to the rail. thanks for the info, I'll try to stay away from surfing wax.
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