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where can i get cleans/squeaky clans
Nov 15, 2006 by qnzwarrior

goes any one knoe were i can buy this soaps in $(usa) not in pound(uk)thanks for whoever help me

Nov 16, 2006Kile

Do you live in the United Kingdom Or the United States ?

Nov 16, 2006mnsoaperns

if you look in the squeaky cleans section and look at the UK sites and send them an email asking if they'll ship here if you pay they usually will if your willing to pay the converted price ask them for the price in us including shipping also I know Rawk.com is more than happy to ship here if you just ask.

Nov 16, 2006Rictor

I like the look of Cleans way more than Squeaky Cleans. I have a pair of Cleans, and they look nice.

Nov 16, 2006qnzwarrior

i leave in the united states

Nov 16, 2006qnzwarrior

i mean live sorry for the type-o
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