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This is For ALL Soap Teams and Crews
Nov 23, 2006 by AnthoFlex

Ok, apparently i didnt make this clear enough before.....Soo....here we go again.....

Send in your Team Logos, along with a link to a Team page to:




The team's logo will be featured on the Soap myspace page for the whole world to see

Along with the logo and link i will need:

Pictures of everyone on the team along with their names, Age, and Favorite tricks

I like to make it so that when you click the Team logo, it goes to their page, and when you click the link under it It will go to the Team's Picture....example, go to myspace.com/soapshoes and click on "Team Soap's Team Picture", "New York City Soaper's Team Picture", or "Corona Soapers Of New York City's Team Picture" .....you will see that it takes you to a page where all of the teams memebers are displayed with their Name, Age, and Favorite Tricks, and the Team logo at the top

So come on, Send those LOGOS in NOW!

Nov 23, 2006AnthoFlex

Im still waiting on Team Input, Shadow Sliders, and TEam fuel on:

Their Team pix, Logos, links, and/or basic info

Nov 23, 2006SPSR

We(Team Input) currently don't have images of all of the team members. we have 3 of the 6 team members with images of them (although the're not the best images). Also we have our logo and website completed.

Logo: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/-Solace-/InputVectorcopy.png)

as for the member images and favorite trick well still have to get back to you on that, were curently working on the images scrip for the website and dont have any of the images uploaded. once we get some good image i'll post them for you.

Nov 23, 2006AnthoFlex

Its ok, let me know when you get those pix in ok? I'll still add you anywayz, But we need those pix in

Nov 23, 2006AnthoFlex

Back to top now

Nov 24, 2006AnthoFlex

Nov 25, 2006AnthoFlex

I guess there arent any good Teams left....Oh well, your loses
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Strider Patton hittin a Frontside
Derek hittin a Cheese Grater at the Cedar Rapids demo
Alexei Tajzler of DEOS hittin another Alley-Opp CG in Greenville, Delaware
Mike Dean hittin a UFO at the skatepark
Mike sliding the massive Iowa City kink