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maxwell plate
Jan 25, 2007 by ordnanceflint91

If anybody wants some maxwell filler plates in size 11-12 i have some brand new that came with my new squeaky cleans... maybe somebody may want them to have a piece of soap history....if so ill sell them for 12 bux shipped if not they are goin up on ebay...i just thought id let solid grind members have 1st dibs

Jan 25, 2007AnthoFlex

IF they were 9/10, i would PROBABLY get them

Jan 25, 2007siuol7

i might get these if they go on ebay because my gym teacher kicked me out of class for just wearing my soaps

he said they mark up the floor

Jan 25, 2007ordnanceflint91

AnthoFlex, they came with my squeaky cleans size 10. they do fit them if you squeeze them in....its a tight fit but it does work

Jan 26, 2007matrix8967

I have a new set of 9-10's still in the package


Jan 26, 2007SonicSoaper

my gym teacher kicked me out of class for just wearing my soaps

he said they mark up the floor

What!? That's total bull! My gym teacher doesn't even know I have plastic plates on my shoes. Just because the shoes mark up the floor, which I suppose they don't, that's a retarded reason to kick someone out of class.

Jan 26, 2007AnthoFlex

My soaps dunt mark the floor of the gym....

But a lot of gym teachers hate it when you wear boots and footwear in that nature becuase they say it makes markings on the floor

Jan 26, 2007SonicSoaper

That and they're just tired old men who hate new ideas. That's why they make you do chin-ups the wrong way.

Jan 26, 2007siuol7

his exact words were

you can't have grind shoes in gym because it marks the floor.

i was stunned he knew what they were

Jan 26, 2007AnthoFlex

Ask him how he knows about them....perhaps he wore a pair back in the day, or maybe his son or daughter did...

Jan 31, 2007Surfaced

Did you mention anything to him about what the shoes were for?

Maybe he thinks grinding shoes are some kind of dancing shoes... probably not.

Or Maybe, he thinks that grinding shoes literally are made for screwing up floors.

Seeing as you are considering buying Maxwells, you must have Soaps with removeable plates. Just take them out and explain that you have solved the problem.

Jan 31, 2007matrix8967

but also, remove your screws...and hope something doesn't get lodged in the bores. the screws alone with no plate might tear something up if you walk funny?

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