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Cornell Demo 3
April, 2001 / wmv / 3:41 / 13.1mb

Here is a demo we had for Summer slam 2001 at Cornell College. Here are some things you can look for, frontsides, backsides, ufos, farfegnugens, royales, cheesegraters, alley-opp cheesgraters, mizuos, backslides, unities, 270s, switches, a "train" grind, sword fighting, frisbee, jousting, dancing, security, flips, and girls. Contains 50 grinds and 7 falls.

Location: Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA
Music: Fatboy Slim - Acid 8000

View Cornell Demo 3
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Ian Chandler hittin a frontside
Derek Brooks hittin a Cheese Grater
Jeff Hites, a Moline Police Officer doing a frontside
Dunk hittin a Freestyle Backslide
Derek Brooks hittin a Wheelbarrow with the T-bones