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Shag This
July, 1999 / wmv / 11:08 / 19.9mb

Shag This is an old school video that Soap put out in 1999. It's basically a story about a day in the life of a "Soaping Pizza Delivery Guy." However, the entire thing plays off of the Austin Powers films.

Danny Lynch plays the main character, but the video features most of the Relate Videos Crew.

The CEO, Chris Morris also plays the homeless guy in white. Plus, there's a guest appearance by Mike Metzger.

Shag This definitely has more story than soaping, but it does feature some sick grinds nonetheless.

I apologize for the low quality of the video, I've compressed this down to 250kbps due to the length.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Music: Austin Powers Soundtrack, 311

View Shag This

Jul 31, 2006 Mart

Haha, that's weird, I had no idea Morris was so old when he developed Soap Shoes

Jul 31, 2006 AnthoFlex

That video had me dying the whole time....i like dat shit

Aug 1, 2006 Go2Crew

Derek, sweet. Love the glamour shot of the Goa Testarosa!

Aug 1, 2006 Tatacker

I would love to see it, but I can't view WMVs. o_o!

Aug 1, 2006 Mart

...the only excuse for that is if you're using a Mac, in which case good on you

Aug 1, 2006 broox

I know dudes with macs that can watch these...

Aug 1, 2006 Tatacker

Eh. I'll try to get Windows Media Player, but I don't even have installing rights on my own comp.

Aug 2, 2006 Mart

Yeah, but WMP doesn't come pre-installed on any Mac so that could be why

Tatacker, are you on a Mac? If not, how old is your PC?!

Aug 2, 2006 dunk

Windows Media Player for mac is the biggest pile of crap I've ever used, and Microsoft know it. If you're using a mac you're better off using VLC player which seems to work slightly better.

Aug 2, 2006 Tatacker

Mac Mini Intel.

Aug 2, 2006 Rick

Just Google Flip4Mac and use that. The Intel version is only beta right now, but it should work just fine.

Aug 2, 2006 Mart

Oh man, nice work on the Mac Mini. My dad's got the older G4 model and it's really nice

Aug 3, 2006 SonicSoaper

Nice video. I'm guessing Soap made more of these videos.

Aug 15, 2006 SapAuthor

i watched it, it wasn't that bad, the hiding the penis bit was very well done though. thought the whole condom "soaps got you laid" bit at the end was a bit over though.

Aug 15, 2006 AnthoFlex

That shit is mad funnie dude.....If you were to see that happen to one of ur friends u'd be laughing and saying "oh shit dude"

Aug 15, 2006 Mart

It wasn't 'Soaps got you laid' Trev, it's just that the guy was carrying a condom in his Maxwell plate. You wouldn't be saying 'wallets got you laid' if he pulled it out of his wallet now, would you? It was merely emphasising the point that any small items can be carried in the Maxwell plate

Aug 16, 2006 AnthoFlex

And it was funnie :)

Aug 16, 2006 Namlhof

How do you know Mart? Maybe the right wallet CAN get a person laid? Personally I prefer snakeskin.

Aug 16, 2006 AnthoFlex

*Ding *Ding *Ding! LETS GET IT ON!!

Aug 16, 2006 SonicSoaper

We've got a magnificent match here J.R.

I can see that King. Look how exited I am.

Aug 18, 2006 SapAuthor

let's see, entire building full of people with soap shoes, means most likely you woudl have to have soap shoes to get in, and since it's hte focus of the advertisment, and sex sells, i say they wanted to go for an image of "soaps will make you cool enough to get laid" or something better worded.

Aug 18, 2006 Mart

With that logic Trev, everyone in that video would be getting laid for wearing Soaps. It's a goddamn Soap promotional video, of course everyone will be wearing Soaps!

You're reading far too much into this. Pulling a condom out of the Maxwell plate is playing off on the stereotype of a friend hooking you up with some protection; instead of taking it out of a wallet or a pocket, he pulled it out of the Maxwell plate, also demonstrating the fact that small things can be stored in there; this is where the emphasis is being placed

Aug 18, 2006 AnthoFlex

Can we just leave this alone? Yes, the Maxwell plate/condom thing was funnie...But its not worth having a giant argument over. It was a promotional video for Soap, and they were probably trying to introduce the Maxwell, Showing what its for and what it can be used as.....And......AND......it was creative, and freaking funnie HAHA

Aug 18, 2006 Go2Crew

Whoa .. what?
Wearing Soaps won't get you laid? ....
and now you're probibly going to tell me that Slo-Bros with ridges for your grinding pleasure won't either....
What about the Soap Chick "I grind on the first date" T-Shirt? ... geez I'm depressed.

Aug 18, 2006 Wesker

Don't listen to them go2, ofcourse they will get you laid.

Aug 18, 2006 AnthoFlex

HAHA, i still need to wait for that experience......Soaps getting me laid i mean.

Sep 1, 2006 Tatacker

The opening song was a particular Star Wars theme remix. I should know, I've listened to it before, haha.

Anyway. I didn't like this one as much as The Four Fathers, but I guess it is something to look back at, as it's part of SOAP history.

Sep 2, 2006 SonicSoaper

Wearing Soaps will get you laid but wearning Soaps with Maxwell plates won't.

Nov 4, 2006 the5cooliest

i like this video because i love motocross

Nov 9, 2006 the5cooliest

does mike actually soap

Feb 10, 2007 ufo

That was cool but yall waisted alot of pairs of soap shoes why there are alot of people out there like me that wants a pair but dont got it wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy......

Feb 10, 2007 AnthoFlex

You live in Manhattan?

Dude, when u get ur Soaps, and u practice a bit, maybe u and me can go Soaping

Feb 10, 2007 cherryman696966

pretty good video. isn't the last song nirvana? if so should it be sited or w/e in the original post?

Feb 10, 2007 shdook

The last song isnt Nirvana, it is by 311 but I am not sure what song it is ive just heard it before.

Feb 24, 2007 SonicSoaper

The song in the party scene is Down by 311.

May 1, 2007 xJeremiahx

how do you get Nirvana and 311 mixed up?

Dec 12, 2008 dlynch


Jan 13, 2010 sylonbroadsides

lol the dude takes out a condom

Jan 14, 2010 Brad

Danny's such a pimp.

Apr 22, 2010 HDCineman

I wish I had a DVD copy of this video. That shit was funny

Apr 22, 2010 sylonbroadsides

Bryndon I believe Derek still has the VHS copies of it. He won't talk to us, but maybe he'll give you a copy? For real, we all want copies of the videos to show friends and stuff.

No one was as good as you relate guys.

Aug 11, 2010 Altman

Shag This, my favorite Soap video to come out of the Artemis days. Not only will you see stylish grinds pulled off by the Relate crew and a cameo by pro BMX rider Mike Metzger, but you'll see the "homeless guy" who is dressed up like Austin powers is actually Soap shoes inventor Chris Morris. This video also introduced me to one of my favorite bands, 311. So give this one a download, sit back with some friends and some brews, and enjoy.

Feb 22, 2012 zelda

lmao that guy danny in the video is hilarious, that reminds me the new austin powers moving is gonna come out. CANT WAIT!!!!

Feb 22, 2012 RamenRadio

I DEF need to see that movie!!!! Love Mike Myers

Feb 22, 2012 Brad

hold the goddamn phone. a NEW austin powers? AWWW YEAH

Feb 23, 2012 zelda

yeah man! they should use soaps in their new movie lol

Mar 31, 2013 Relate2Videos

Id love to have these on DVD
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