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Nov 8, 2003 by derek

Well, there are a couple A-side issues that need addressed. First of all, the drawings have come back from the manufacturers and the grindplate enhancements (discussed earlier on the site) are looking good. These shoes will be a thousand times better.

And for the not-as-good news, A-side sales might get pushed back until spring. So far there have been nearly 0 orders from retailers for the A-sides. The retailers are eating up the more traditional models and the T-bones, but no one has placed orders for the A-sides for fear of not selling the higher priced model.

This got me thinking, what can we do to help? The only thing that I can think of is to get some sort of petition going to prove to stores that people will buy these dope shoes. Start leaving feedback here, and maybe even drop an email to info@soapshoes.net (but please keep it somewhat professional)

Seriously, do what you can to get these shoes released on schedule. Even go into your local stores and bug them about the new dope shoe and try to talk to managers. Promise them that the shoes will sell.

Nov 9, 2003 Mart

Just out of interest, you got any idea how much they'll be selling for?

Nov 10, 2003 Detreaux

I've been going to stores around me and have been trying to get them to bring SOAPs back, they stopped selling them earlier this year. I hope the release date doesn't get pushed back, I really want a pair of those A-sides.

Nov 10, 2003 Smokey

I'm curious... Who makes the shoes for soap?

Nov 10, 2003 dunk

Whatever the price, double it and add 17.5% for us Brits.

Nov 11, 2003 Mart

Meh, we can just arrange another import... arrangement with Tanner :D

Nov 11, 2003 dunk

*wink wink, nudge nudge*


Nov 14, 2003 Greg

i just relaised a-side was somthing aaron and i came up with atleast a year ago. horray for us

Nov 18, 2003 Tanner

I'm game!

Nov 19, 2003 Wesker

A-sides will cost retail $89.99

Dec 25, 2003 Scalier

Lucky you,you can get a-sides soon and
i guess theyre great but i cant even buy any kind of soaps unless i buy ones from net and i have no clue how much is like ?100 in euros

Oct 13, 2007 AnthoFlex

I think thats totally bull though.

I know this is an old topic, but i just needed to put my 2 cents into this.

I could understand the retailers not interested in the A-sides if they had to sell em for $130 like the Broadsides, but only $90? Come on.

I mean, look at today's youth. Spending $100+ on name brand jeans, $200 Jordans, and those $500 Nike Dunks that Hypebeasts go crazy for.

I'm going to quote this straight from David's comment on the A-sides... "The retailers were Obviously retarded."

Its reasons like this that i'm going to grab both my 90 minute in-store promo video of Big O, and a 90 minute instore promo of the tWo teaser, and attack Journeys everywhere. Attack meaning offering to do free demos to increase awareness and demand, then Journeys having no choice but to stock them. I have 3 rails, 5 demos shoes, and 2 in-store promo tapes, why not huh?

Oct 13, 2007 JeiHeirumaru


Oct 13, 2007 greenfire8484

$500 Dunks?
That's the most fucking ridiculous thing I've ever heard. They're just gonna get dirty. Dumbass Nike.

Nov 16, 2009 jackswhack

i want em
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