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DEOS 5.5 in the works....
Mar 21, 2005 by alexei

Hey guys, I know I promised to release Best of DEOS video and hinted at a possible DEOS 6, but times have changed. I even put together a "Best of" video complete with intro and outro, but I simply don't like it. But it's not all bad news, for the guys of DEOS have decided to put back on the shoes one more time.

Even though we're all fairly rusty, we want to do one last film that isn't just a rehash of old clips, but a compeltely new video would be too big of an undertaking. I'm almost done with college and probably off to NYC, but there is a small window during June where we can bust out some new grinds and add it to the "Best of", hence the name DEOS 5.5 . Already Jason Fillo, myself, and Kyle Lefler have agreed to it. Look for it this summer.

Mar 24, 2005 Mark

Sounds to me like everyone is giving up on the soap shoe with a grand finale

May 26, 2005 alexei

due to the lack of time, availablity, and public interest... DEOS 5.5 has been cancelled.

May 28, 2005 MATS

I love soaping. :'(

Dec 10, 2005 Quarantine

Hey guys, I've been trying to get ahold of DEOS 4 and 5 for about a year. When pants went up, it was down by the time I found the link, If anyone could hook me up, I'd be much appreciated. give me a mail at stretch_uw@hotmail.com
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