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Gettin new plates
Feb 12, 2004 by derek

Mark writes, "For all those uk soapers who havent noticed www.kates-skates.co.uk stock replacement standard plates for ur soaps. They also are a lot cheaper for shoes than shiner.co.uk. It only took 4 days for mine to arrive. "

derek adds: Excellent find. Perhaps some of you bloody UK-folk can take advantage of this deal... wankers.

Feb 12, 2004 Mart

They only stock the old skool plates, it would appear. And while we're at it, www.freestylewalking.co.uk are cheaper than Kate's Skates

Although, for me, eBay's always been the best place to grab stuff

Feb 13, 2004 dunk

FreestyleWalking.co.uk was a reputable site, but the owner's dissappeared... literally. They placed a wholesale order with Shiner but never payed, and Charlie's been chasing them up ever since. They banked money a friend sent for shoes, but never delivered; they're not replying to emails and the answer machine can't take any more messages. I wouldn't recommend buying from the company untill we know what's going on.
Kate's Skates on the other hand, class job.

And Derek... you've been watching far too much Lock Stock.

Feb 13, 2004 Mark

so basically stick with kates-skates, cos unlike freestlye someone will answer the phone to you. Oh an by the way kates is pretty much the same price or cheaper, you didnt check how much delivery cost. Kates prices are inclusive

Feb 13, 2004 Mart

Well, that told me

Feb 14, 2004 Collin

damn looking at these prices in american dollars is bullshit to some of the prices i can get around here especially for like scabs.

Feb 14, 2004 Mark

well u need to sport ol G W Bush cos hes putting ur economy down the shitter as well as totaling the rest of the world! Although its good for any uk tourists cos we can buy more for our dosh

Feb 14, 2004 Collin

i never said i was proud to be a fucking american, like its not fucking obvious George wanker bush is a fucking idiot, but then again the uk is siding with america so it cant be too much better over there.

Feb 14, 2004 Smokey

This is getting so confusing... 2 British guys named Mart and Mark... AH!

Feb 14, 2004 Mark

it aint the UK thats siding with george its the retard at No 10, I cant wait to vote the cripple out! Random thought but how many people on here are old enough to vote? Or am i the only one?

Feb 14, 2004 Mart

Uuuh... our economy is soaring?

Feb 14, 2004 Mart

Fordy, don't you think of fucking saying anything

Feb 14, 2004 Mart

Dunk, Fordy and I are

Feb 15, 2004 Collin

oh well ill bring out my anarchist side, fuck america and plus the wanker wont be in office for much longer, and oh yeah fuck the FTAA.

Feb 15, 2004 Mark

yeah screw the FTAA, and while were at it screw the CAP!
For all those people who have know idea what were on about go to www.axisofjustice.com www.maketradefair.com www.stopftaa.org. whats the voting age in the states?

Feb 15, 2004 Collin


Feb 15, 2004 Mark

i dont get it, how come u can be allowed to take part in choosing the people that run the country but not be able to get pissed till ur 21? madness. oh well.

Feb 15, 2004 Crossbuster

yeah, FSW have taken my friends money, and they have my credit card details, and have an order for my shoes, but they haven't sent them in over 5 months... Charlie is looking into it though.

Feb 15, 2004 Crossbuster

haha, Mart, Mark, and Marc.

more confusing.

Feb 15, 2004 dunk

Dude... Bush is gonna be president for atleast the next 4 years, there's not a hope in hell he'll be voted out of office this term. I'm English, I shouldn't give a fuck, I don't support Bush... but the facts speak for themselves, the odds against someone beating him this time round are slim to none.

Feb 16, 2004 Collin

theres actually a theory that in the last election there was a flaw in the electronic voting systems and bush hired hackers to exploit this flaw so they could cast as many votes as one pleased.

Feb 16, 2004 Mart

I don't understand how you came to that conclusion

Feb 16, 2004 PurplePandas

No shit, you don't even live in the USA. Obviously John Kerry is going to win this election. Everyone is looking for a Democrat for president. Hell, there is shirts that show Bush's face and says "One Term President". Even bands (ex. Blink 182, Glassjaw, etc.) are actually doing Vote Kerry campaigns (you can actually see at Blink 182's website). But Bush WILL NOT be reelected. His popularity just isn't good.

Feb 16, 2004 fordy

My sylons came from KatesSkates, ?70 odd I think, pretty hefty price. And she gave me a katesskates tee that I put in the bin straight away because it was so crap.

Yes I can vote.

Yes you're called Mark, Mart.

And yes you stood in DOG SHIT.

Feb 16, 2004 fordy

PurplePandas, whoever the hell you are, have you not considered that maybe the average age of most of blinks fans is about 14? yeah, good set of votes you've got there mate.

Feb 16, 2004 Mark

i got my sylons from kates and they only cost me ?62 inc delivery and whats the whole mark mart thing ur on about?

Feb 16, 2004 fordy

it was a long while ago when i ordered them, couple of years i think. bet you didnt get a bullshit tee with it. has everyone seen the picture of kate in the kip?

Dog poo.

Feb 16, 2004 Mark

nah i aint seen nuthin

Feb 16, 2004 fordy

it was featured in unity magazine a year or so ago, i guess she forgot about it


Feb 16, 2004 Mark

oh dear thats tragic! another sunblessed sceptic with her baps out for advertising

Feb 16, 2004 Mart

It's Jordan Fucking Thompson

Feb 16, 2004 Mart


Feb 16, 2004 Tanner

Lets see...in the later months of the Bush presidency the economy is getting better, we found Saddam, and his popularity is growing. Face the facts Jordan, you don't know shit about Politics

Feb 17, 2004 Mart

Actually, your economy is still worsening

Feb 17, 2004 dunk

I'll give you $10,000 of your falling-in-value bucks if Bush isn't re-elected.

Feb 17, 2004 dunk

...because the papers and tv have been covering it relentlessly for the last 2 months.
If there was any chance Bush was gonna lose this election, Hillary Clinton would be running for president and not Governor of NY.

Feb 17, 2004 fordy

not at all mart.

Feb 17, 2004 fordy

And I'll buy you all KFC's, after dunk failed to win his.

Feb 18, 2004 Floptastic

I like eating hot dogs.

Feb 18, 2004 dunk


Feb 18, 2004 Mart

Just cause she doesn't have mammoth kahunas like your missus doesn't mean she ain't fit

Feb 18, 2004 dunk

Oh my god, that boy is like, so shallow.

Feb 21, 2004 fordy

shows how good you are at judging breast sizes then doesn't it now mart....nob

Apr 18, 2006 mgm

Shipping is $52 + $112 for the shoes = $164 if you are in the US.
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