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Hyrid Shoes?
Feb 13, 2001 by alexei

selboid writes "My friend Josh and I are convinced that someones going to come out and sell those streetflyer shoes (You know the one's with wheel's that fold into the soles) and put a soap type plate in the middle. Do You think thats a good or bad idea? Personally i think it bad but reply if you think otherwise (or the same). " Interesting enough, Jon from 703 has already begun creating a hyrid with soaps and heelys [aka streetflyer] himself. He'll have more details about it later so be sure to check out brooksfsw.com in the coming weeks...
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Derek Brooks hittin a Alley-opp Mizuo
Derek Brooks hittin a Royale
Bryndon with a royale on some bleachers
Alexei Tajzler of DEOS hittin another Alley-Opp CG in Greenville, Delaware
Ryan Armstrong, Maxwell, and Casey Faris with the double FS and double flip