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Oppressing Soaping
Feb 27, 2001 by alexei

As if we don't get enough crap from skaters, bladers, cops and security guards, the Relate Video's guys recieved a "cease and desist" letter because of the music in the oNe video. What does this mean? No more oNe - ever. They can't even GIVE the extra videos away or they'll be sued. Unbelieveable, quoting from the page - "I guess music companies are all pissy because of Napster, oh well.". Luckily, they are on their way for the second installment - tWo, and this time they'll promise to get the correct music rights. -Thanks to Dave (Penguinbob) for the notification

Mar 17, 2007 Slidey

So THATS why you can't see oNe anymore
>=[ that really takes the piss, what did they do to tWo to stop that being seen?

Also, what IS the music in oNe? I've been searching lyrics but I can't seem to find it

Mar 17, 2007 SonicSoaper

Actually, you can't see oNe because it's such a great video. If it was online it would just be another video.
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Ryan Dawes hittin a Frontside on a big ol kinked rail.
greg with a cess slide and sweet cast
Louis Selby, knocking out another frontside for the bystanders during the UKFSW Fleet trip.
Mart hittin another stylish royale
Jason Fillo of DEOS hittin a Unity in Newark, Delaware