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Feb 14, 2001 by broox

I want to start something new on brooksfsw. I am kinda sick of people submitting frontsides to me. If you look at the other guys picture section, you can see that all of you are submitting frontsides. I also get a lot of practice rails. I dont want to see anymore submitted practice rail pictures. If you cant grind a handrail, then grind a bench, ledge, or bike rack. These objects may be just as low as practice rails, but they are so much cooler. What is my solution to this? Well I know every single one of you can do a frontside. I want you to take pictures of the hardest tricks you can do and send them to me. The better your picture, the more props you will get. You will get mad recognition for your really good grinds! If you can do every single trick in the book, then take pictures of the hardest 4 and submit them. I have a lot of frontsides still waiting to be posted, but I dont think Im going to put them up as feature pictures. So send me some cool grinds, we definitly need more variety. To learn more about what types of pictures I want, read on...
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Hugo deLeon hittin a Frontside on the back porch
Sequence of Andy Ford (Fordy) busting a 270 backside royale during the recent UKFSW Ipswich trip.
Hugh Hermes hittin a Frontside
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Ian Walsh hittin a Frontside