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Mar 14, 2007 by matrix8967

so, for the first time in my soaping life, i fucked up bad...

I was really tired, and I was hitting a hip height rail and I got massive speed, and I pulled my self up with my my front foot (i got front foot first) and when I was re-distributing my weight my back foot gained a lot of speed and kicked my front foot out from underneath me...

My right leg took one side of the rail, and my left leg took the other side, and i was thinking "my balls are about to get smeared all over this rail..." and so i threw my weight back hoping to bail off and hit the ground, but it was to late. lucky for me, i threw my weight enough to miss my boys, but i thought i'd broken my tail bone...i didn't but i have the BIGGEST BRUISE ever all over my ass/leg...i landed right where ur ass means ur leg, and it hit the bone...I'm sorta proud...


Mar 14, 2007kobansora

Nice! That's almost exactly what happened when I tried my first handrail... My school handrails are square, wobbly, and painted, so they had massive slip.

I fell almost the exact same way except I nearly racked myself. Luckily, I caught myself right before and jammed my toe into the ground and slammed my inner thigh into the rail... I kept on trying after that :P


Mar 14, 2007Slidey

Did it look somethings like this?

Do yourself a favor, DON'T jump front foot first. The same kinda thing happened to me (as you can see). Now learn back foot first and gradually get up to hip hieght rails again. I can now do hip hieght rails back foot first and I haven't bailed on them since.

Mar 14, 2007AnthoFlex

I jump front foot first and im fine.

Since i sk8, i cant go back foot first. Going back foot first makes me shoot out

Mar 14, 2007Slidey

Then you should probably learn back foot first,

Start on ankle hieght rails if you must, but back foot first will save you from racking yourself loads.

I do back foot first on practically everything now, its so much easier and much safer.

Mar 14, 2007Slidey

And soz if that sounded like I was telling you what to do lol, didnt mean it 2 in anyway

Mar 14, 2007SapAuthor

Dude, people, we aren't telling you to start out slow to hinder you lol. Really, start out slow, do low rails till you get the hand of placing your feet and keeping your feet shoulder width apart. If you mess up (which you will when yous tart out), if you are on a ground rail u just step off, most you do is hit and roll on the ground, but heigher rails you can really hit hard, or hit a body part on the rail, etc. We want our SOAPers alive and kicking XD

Mar 14, 2007SapAuthor

oooh wait, first time in ur life, not first time soaping ever. Sorry -.-' didn't read it right. Sorry Alex, it happens to the best of us. But for any newbies reading, still start out with a practice rail.

But I kind of feel ur pain, when i started doing hand rails, my foot kept on not going high enough, so my shin would SCRAPE hard against hte rail, the entire length of my shin. I did htat 3 times in a row and i was almost in tears lol, my leg was bruised for a while.

Mar 14, 2007Tank

anthroflex do you go front foot first on royales too?

Mar 14, 2007Surfaced

lol there goes another "anthro"

Mar 14, 2007sam

I go front foot first on high rails and im fine.

Mar 14, 2007matrix8967

I have a awesome practice rail at a play ground...as soon as I get better, i'm goin back again. not better, just able to jump. cuz i was SO CLOSE, i could feel it, but my wieght wasn't distributed right. I think I've got this.

I will learn backfoot first, but not right now lol.

sapauthor, it's cool, I appreciate your help.

slidey, it didn't look like that...the begining did, but you flipped over the rail and I stradled the rail. like the first shot in the holiday video, but i didn't hug the rail, i just rolled off of it saying "OH GOD! OH GOD!" lol. I would show you pics of the bruise, but it's where my leg meets my ass and i don't think anyone would want to see it. lol


Mar 14, 2007Slidey

lol, ahh like the 1st bit of the hliday vid... that IS unlucky m8 lol

Mar 15, 2007kobansora

Today was awesome. I was at the skatepark and it was filled with skaters. All their stuff was on the stairs and I was like, "Hey can I jump over your stuff and grind on the rail?" And the dude was like DUDE ARE THOSE SOAPS and i was like YEAH!.

So everybody like, stopped to watch and I went down the rail and they were all like WOOOO

But then they were ilke GO ON THE BIG RAIL and I was ilke UHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I had to jump over their stuff to get onto the rail, so I locked on my front foot as I jumped but my back toe stepped onto the rail. I ALMOST fell but I caught myself halfway down... It was awesome. Front foot first is much too comfortable for me to even try back foot now.


Mar 15, 2007SonicSoaper

I'm still back-footing it, unless I'm doing a backside.

Mar 15, 2007matrix8967

I can sorta lift my let up now, so I'm goin back for more this week end...*gulp* i can't puss out now...i'll never forgive myself. lol


Mar 26, 2007kobansora

I just tried dropping into a bowl with skates and I totally f-ed up my left wrist and I'm typing fairly slow.

This is so bad :O But at least I got backsides and stuff now....and royales.

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