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Sonic Hereos Question
Jan 6, 2004 by Jordan_Thompson

Is Soap still going to get credit for Sonic Heros? I noticed on the preview they are grinding rails. If Soap (or Heely) does not get recognition, I will be SUPERPISSED.

Jan 6, 2004Floptastic

shhhh... brain cells escaping.

Jan 6, 2004Mart

You see people on TV prgrammes skating all the time, does that mean that they have to get permission from specific skate companies just to be able to skate?

When Sonic Adventure came out, Soap had approached Sega and sponsered Sonic. They used the game as an advertising too; they didn't march up to Sega and say 'oi oi oi, we're going to sue you unless you put Soaps in your game'

Jan 6, 2004Mart

*advertising tool*

Jan 6, 2004Jordan_Thompson

They should do that again. Soap being in Sonic Adventure 2 made my day. :)It probably was a brilliant advertising plan.

Jan 6, 2004Scalier

i guess soap style shoes are coming into some new games,there is ratchet and clank 1 and 2 + some sonic games.
so get over it...

Jan 6, 2004Mart

It didn't exactly attract much attention the first time around, so I doubt they'll waste more money on Sega. Sonic games are shit anyway

Jan 7, 2004mike

nah dude, the original side-scrolling ones were awesome.

Jan 7, 2004Mart

Sonic games have always been so stupidly linear, even when the 3D ones came out. It was Sega's answer to Mario, and it flopped

Jan 7, 2004Scalier

Sonic games looked fast and all when i was kid and that was the only special thing in them...but now i c that they move like snails on the screen and theyre not that fast at all...so theyre pretty crappy.

Jan 7, 2004Mart

That's because there's no real gameplay element... it's just some blue hedgehog collecting rings

Jan 7, 2004fordy

so what makes a fat cunt of a plumber collecting coins any better?

Jan 7, 2004Smokey

bwahaha. Good Point.
Sonic games rule.

Jan 7, 2004Mart

Mario started it all. Plus, there was something of a storyline to the game, plus powerups and stuff to collect. And enemies to kill; I never saw shit in Sonic to destroy

Jan 8, 2004Wesker

Mario started it. Sonic Perfected it.
If you think about it there was somewhat of a story line to both Sonic and Mario games. Mario had to save the princess and Sonic had to save the animals from being robtosized.

Power-ups? Are you nuts? Try playing more than the original Sonic and one of the Dreamcast editions. Sonic 3 for example introduced shields that allowed you to do special attacks.

You want stuff to collect? How's about collecting 50 rings for ever Act to get the chance at the special stage that allowed you to get the chaos emeralds which in turn allowed you to get the real ending and the use of another power-up... Super Sonic.

Never saw stuff in sonic to destroy? Yeah let's ignore the hundreds of enemies and countless boss battles

Now I am not trying to knock down Mario because I love Mario aswell. But Sonic my friend.. Does not suck.

Jan 8, 2004Phantom00991

Thank you, Wesker, for saying what we were all thinking. Well...except mart.

Jan 8, 2004Mart

Alright Dario, tell me how Sonic perfected what Mario started. Because unless you've got something to prove otherwise, Mario has always outsold Sonic

Jan 8, 2004Jordan_Thompson

Actually, Sonic 1 came out around the time Mario 3 came out, and Sonic sold soooo much more than Mario and then Nintendo responded by bringing out the SNES. So Sonic was on the top of his game, and when SNES did come out, Sonic only trailed behind by a little. I would have to go with Sega games over Nintendo... Sonic, Toy Commander, bah, anything on Dreamcast made by Sonic Team or Sega is AMAZING.

Jan 8, 2004Scalier

i started to play sonic games bout year and ago cause i had heard of the "Super Sonic" and when i downloaded most of the sonic games and collected the emeralds,it was pretty nice...Sonic could really kill Mario,
even if both were gone Super.

Jan 8, 2004fordy

Without going into detail, or trying to get into any argument involving which computer game is better, I also agree with mart. I was merely asking him to prove his point because I know he's got an answer for everything.

But yeah, Sonic is...alright, and mario is quality. Please don't say you're all loving sonic up because he slides down a couple of rails on the dreamcast? jesus.

Jan 8, 2004fordy

And sonic obviously are not going to take over mario, now. or never.

Have you fucking idiots noticed who sega are releasing the sonic games to? if sega were better they'd have made something better than the dreamcast by now, as opposed to releasing games on the GC and sucking nintendo's bumhole.

Jan 8, 2004Jordan_Thompson

fordy, i wouldn't be so sure.

sega only took a 10 year break, they said that IF they do make a new system, it would be in 10 years. So we'll see in 2012. :)

Jan 9, 2004Floptastic

Overall mario > sonic by far. with the amount of mario games people own, 1, 2,3,paint,tennis,cart,64,etc etc. as opposed to the sonic games people own... none *noone uses genesis anymore* All be it the first sonic was a pretty fun game, it just doesnt beat mario. mario is and always will be the victor. until every jock owns a system and plays only football games: which are the exact same since 97, just better gfx.

damn sports games ruining everything.. i mean seriously, why the hell do people buy football games, like madden 03, then buy 04 when it comes out, and already had 02 and 01 and 00... stupid

Jan 9, 2004Wesker

Fordy I wouldn't dispute what systems Sega releases their games to. It's very simple if you THINK about what they do.

Sega has always been about games. Ask anyone who's into video games and the answer will always be the same (Excluding fanboys)

However Sega never made the best consoles. The Dreamcast was revolutionary, released before the PS2,Xbox,or GC.

The first "Next-gen" console to hit the market. Sega's first system since the saturn(Which btw never had a real sonic game) so some people were skeptical, but that passed and many owned the system, the Dreamcast destroyed the crappy N64 and played excellently well against PSX's large fanbase/game library.

That's until every other company started to release their next-gen systems after the Dreamcast. Obviously these new systems had way better processing power and were a little easier to develop for, so the developers moved over to the better consoles (By performance, NOT games).

The Dreamcast died and Sega made the best decision they evermade... They went multi-platform. Sega games are released across every platform now.

Ok you say Sega is sucking up to Nintendo by releasing games for their system? Have you thought what games were released?

-Sonic Adventure DX
-Sonic Adventure 2(Battle)
-Sonic Mega Collection

Yeah thats right. Those are all PORTS! The first brand spanking new Sonic game to be released is Sonic Hero's being released on all systems (PS2,GC,Xbox)

Sega sucking up to Nintendo? Shyeah riiiight.

Now Sega as a company rocks. They have made some of the best games ever. Sonic just so happens to be one of them, So let's not forget the countless other games Sega has created.

Although, Mario and Sonic can't really be compared anymore as their game's have varied style. Mario focusing on puzzles and Sonic focusing on fast paced Action.

Fat plumber that takes his time, Fast animal that loves action.

Sales of Sonic games are not low, by any standards especially since Sonic is known to be one of the all time favorite video game characters.

Once again I am not saying that Mario sucks. I am just defending Sonic here in saying that he dosn't suck either. Both game characters have their up's and down's and apeal to different audiences.

Oh and Fordy, I love Sonic because of his gameplay-- It's amazing. Sliding down poles in SA2 was just a bonus :P

Jan 9, 2004Mart

Going multiplatform isn't the best idea; since they're licensing their games to other console manufacturers, Nintendo et al take a cut of the profit. And since they're the ones calling the shots, they can take a sizeable cut as long as Sega are willing to let that go. Think about it, Sega either get their game out and lose a lot of the sales profit to Nintendo, MS and Sony, or not get their game out at all and make no money

Also, if Sega HAVE made some of the best games ever, how come they're not raking it in? Many Dreamcast games were simply ports from Playstation games, and the ones that were developed for it weren't particularily sparkling

'Dreamcast destroyed the crappy N64 ... The Dreamcast died' - This makes no sense, since the DC died well before the N64. Games were produced for the N64 right up until the GameCube was released, then, as can be expected, no-one developed for the N64 since it's successor had come out; people just stopped developing for Sega because they had no future in the console market

The reason why Sega didn't develop a next-gen console is because they simply couldn't afford it. If they had the money, they wouldn't sit around and just licence their games to everyone else and watch their profit margins fall. This is the reason behind this 10-year break that Jordan mentioned; they're trying to save up some cash to develop a new console. Personally I can't see this happening; they'll be so behind on the times that they'll have to recruit hardware developers from other companies, and I don't think many people will be willing to leave their posts as MS, Sony and Nintendo

In my opinion, the Playstation killed Sega. Nintendo was heading the same way too, but since the Japanese practically wank over every single Nintendo release, such as Pok?mon and every single Mario-based game ever, they were kept afloat. If Nintendo's Japan market had caved in, they'd have taken the same route as Sega. But as long as Nintendo keep developing Mario games based on a new and inovative idea, I can't see Nintendo completely dying

Jan 9, 2004Scalier

Sega is taking its last breaths,now they only can make Mc Donalds toys and
one game for phone called N-gage. but nintendo isnt doing much better either,
they have the best console on today.
the X-box but it has only halo and thats it. Game cube is not a good console but it has most of the newest games today.Playstation 2 is nw propably best console AND it has plenty of good games.

Jan 9, 2004Mart

Other than the playstation comment, that whole post made no sense

Jan 9, 2004Floptastic

is it just me, or is the NINTENDO gamecube nintendo's system. (alone) xbox is microsoft if im not mistaken?

Jan 10, 2004Mart

Yeah, it is Microsoft. Someone has some serious communication issues

Jan 10, 2004Smokey

If nintendo had the "best console on today" wouldn't you think they would be doing much better..? Scalier, learn to talk, please. It's making me dumb.

Jan 10, 2004Wesker

Nintendo lasts on strong franchises, they suffer from no real third party support.

Sega going multi-platform WAS a good idea. If you check their profits, its doing really well and Nintendo JUST reported its first huge margin drop of the fiskel year.

Jan 10, 2004Floptastic

thats because the game cube has no perks to it. actually, i'd rather not have a gamecube or anything resembling it.

For one, the discs are so freakin small.. what the hell is that? stupid

2: its got a handle... what the hell is that? stupid

3: no good games.. end of that one

and 4: they screwed up by producing a horrible mario game, which dessimated its fan base. if they would have made a good mario game, i think it would be more popular now. but they didnt, and thats their fault.. stupid nintendo

Jan 10, 2004Mart

The discs are small to prevent piracy, fucknut. It has a small handle so you can carry it easily (funnily enough) and if there were no good games for it, people wouldn't develop it and Nintendo would end up like Sega

Dario, saying that Nintendo have lasted due to strong franchies proves that Sonic was a weak franchise. Otherwise they'd still be developing consoles; taking a 10 year break makes absolutely no sense if they have the money

Also, care to explain what you mean by 'fiskel year'? Because to my knowledge, fiscal is to do with expenditure and debt, so of course a fiscal year is going to be one where they lose money

Jan 11, 2004fordy

Erm, so how come I have a GC and a list of some damn good games like Timesplitters 2, THUG, Mario Kart, Soul Calibur 2, and Zelda to name a few. No good games my arse.

Wesker knows far too much about this topic...I feel he needs a bit more of a life.

Jan 11, 2004Wesker

Fordy, you personally owning so many games dosn't mean that company is doing great, I know so much cause one magazine can really tell you a lot and to buy a magazine you need to go outside and purchase it (Nope, no subscription for me), So don't even try to go into the whole no life bit.

Mart, Strong franchises is what makes Nintendo weak. The problem is they have like 3 of them instead of a diverse library of games that many people enjoy.

And yes they did lose a lot of money.

Jan 11, 2004fordy

Did i say that? Prick.

All i said was that the GC has a good range of titles after someone slagged off their range of games.

Jan 11, 2004fordy

All credit to Sega for the Dreamcast though. Owned one for a while, with a gun, and they're quality.

Jan 11, 2004fordy

and for something slightly on topic...

..i downloaded sonic advance for my GBA, It is pretty crap, but i captured the picture of him pulling what looks to me like a Mizuo down some dirty rail.


Jan 11, 2004Mart

Oh yeah Dario, ONE magazine is going to give you a completely unbiased view of the gaming industry. Man, you're a retard

Sweatstance, Fordy

Jan 11, 2004Wesker

EGM covers every game systems and post facts. Very popular games mag here in the states.

Jan 12, 2004fordy

err mart, how can you call the difference between a sweatstance and a mizuo if all you can see is the grind? Peencraft.

And considering the game is a 2-D lump of wank on my right hand, it's not possible to tell which side he tackles it from, so lets just call it a crap mizuo.

Jan 12, 2004Mart

He's facing towards the screen most of the time, even when he's running. And since he's facing the screen when he's grinding, I'd say it's a really shit sweatstance

Jan 12, 2004MylilPony

True dat mart..... ive only been on this site for a day now but ive been readin past forums. its hella funny how hella people are going off on jordan =P i wish i started b4 so i could really know why people are talking crap

Jan 12, 2004MylilPony

but not only does xbox have halo which is one of the best first person shooters out but it has another great F.P.S. Counter Strike... and counter strike is the shit

Jan 12, 2004Benji

C.S. is the shit on PC, which is by far the best gaming device, C.S. is lame on xbox unless you have xbox live.

Jan 12, 2004Smokey

xbox live a.k.a internet

Jan 21, 2004Jordan_Thompson

i used to have xbox live, but i started doing pc gaming, and i never looked back. pc = best.

Feb 21, 2004soda

I personally am a HUGE Sonic fan, and infact SA2 is where I discovered soaps from. Actually, I didn't even think they were real until I saw the URL to the Soap website on a Soap billboard in the game, I thought they were just made up for the game XD

Oh, and not that anyone cares my opinion, but I say that Sonic > Mario.

Mar 8, 2004BoltStryke

Don't personally know what you're all arguing about. Both gameplay styles have evolved over the years and are completely different. To each, their own. I like them both personally, but I have a siding for Sonic because it portays me: Speed, Heavy Action... and the discovery of SOAP shoes. >_>;

May 3, 2004AnotherFSWalker

Just My Opinion: Sonic can Soap and Mario sucks.

Mario is a gay stereo type of an Italian loser while Sonic is an impatient soaping hedgehog. Screw Mario. My Pokemon would eat his soul...

Apr 6, 2007SoapNinja

I know this is Old as hell but

WOW. this argument was uncalled for.

Two totally diff styles so why bother comparing. Mario flys and runs. Sonic Soaps and runs Ok the end. LOL.

You wanna see mario soap?
do ya?
Buy a costume and put it on and Soap mann and you'll see Mario Soap LOL.

Apr 6, 2007SonicSoaper

And guess what's coming out this winter. A little game caled Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is there that we will see who is truely a better character. Will it be the chubby Italian plumber with a mushroom addiction or a speedy blue rodent with a "spiked haircut" and a need for speed?

Apr 6, 2007matrix8967

so uh...how bout that megaman...lol. I like them all...zelda, mario, sonic, megaman, i've beat all of them. but i must say...knuckles has always been my fav. since i was a kid...i've never been to fond of tails...he's just...a puss...


Apr 6, 2007JeiHeirumaru

"What was with that hedgehog that looked just like me?" -Shadow

Apr 6, 2007JeiHeirumaru

"My Emerald,my destiny.." -Knuckles

Apr 6, 2007JeiHeirumaru

Shadow:"...Oh really? Well then,it'll be a date to die for!" Sonic: "Hey! That's my line!"

Apr 6, 2007Mart

ALright, this thread is over three years old. I don't see the point in having revived it just to say that it was uncalled for, so let's just let it die again

Apr 18, 2007Tasslehoff

I pesonnaly favor Tails over any other character. ever. tied with Master Chief. but between Sonic and Mario, hmmm. lets see here. we have a fat short Italian plumber that has NO change in storyline, and a supersonic animal with equally fast friends, ACTUAL DIFFERENCES IN STORYLINE, and lets not forget, 3-D. no sidescrolling repetitive crap here. ohhhh! another mario game! lets jump on everyones heads while we eat poisonous fungus in a flat, boring environment with no change in music. main point, SONIC KICKS MARIOS ASS!

Apr 18, 2007sam

Why the hell did u bring this thread up agian?!

Apr 18, 2007SpiderSoaper

sonic grinded the best in sonic adventere 2, u can make them do royals by presseing the b button and make them bend from left to right

Apr 18, 2007Tasslehoff

they actually crouch to go faster. and i brought it up because i just couldnt stand seeing people argue between mario and sonic and not comment. ... go ahead and drop it if you want. im done here. unless someone ticks me off. ... .

Apr 19, 2007SpiderSoaper

yea it is a "crouch", but if you look carefully it's a royale

Apr 19, 2007Mart

I hate to be the one to keep this going, but I assume that Tasslehoff has never seen a single Mario game since before Super Mario RPG on the SNES. In fact, as far as I can recall, Super Mario 64 was out well in advance of that whacktastic Sonic game that appeared on the Dreamcast

Apr 19, 2007AnthoFlex

Reviving old threads.....y?

Apr 19, 2007SapAuthor

Let's all face it, Sega did have some of the best thing, even the first portable full system (by full system, i mean not like gameboy which was a downgrade). They had that one system that played full sega games on the go. Also the first color light up hand held screen with gamegear.

They also had one of the first 3D gaming systems with sega saturn, and dreamcast.

But in the end, there are too many gaming systems, and sega didn't do a great job advertising and in marketing, cuz' nintendo still won out. I am glad they went multiplatform, becuase now everyone can get those great games. I have a gamecube, and thanks to it i can plan almost all the sonic games :D I think that although Sega really was one of the greater gaming systems, the only way to stay afloat was to go multiplatform, and I for one am glad.

Apr 19, 2007Tasslehoff

actually, my sister is obsessed with mario party, and ive heard of almost every mario game since super smash bros. first came out. Mario is good, but Sonic is better. end of story.

Apr 19, 2007Curtinator

I agree with mart from way above (I didn't bother to read ll this crap) anyways nowa days the sonic games are crap. the original ones for genisis was way better.
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