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Aug 25, 2007 by DG

ok so i am on the verge of getting soaps( 20$ more YES!) but i am thinking and i dont want to offend any of u...i have seen the picks and it looks sooo kool bu u no is it one of those things u can pick up quick and stick with for a while? i mean is it easy to learn and am i gunna love it 4 like EV3R? i have to know before i buy them-_-

Aug 25, 2007xJeremiahx

Do you have any experience with blading or skateboarding? If so soaping should be easier for you to pick up.

The best thing about soaps is that you can grind any time you want. You can be walking home from school, find a rail and grind it. When I got my first pair of soaps all I realy did was frontside, switch-ups, and cheesegraders. I realy didn't know how many more tricks there where until I found this site and fell in love with soaps all over again. I am definately going to be soaping for as long as I physiscly can.

Aug 25, 2007Locke

All I can even do so far is frontside (for lack of a PR to try new things on), but I still try to hit up everything I see that looks soapable. It never gets old. xD

Aug 25, 2007AnthoFlex

When you have Soaps for awhile you will realize that almost ANYTHING is grindable, your vision will literally change to look for stuff to grind as you go somewhere

Aug 25, 2007DarkVermillion

That is so true. xD My vision did change, like before I had soaps, those 2 white rails outside of my school were just rails, but when I had my soaps, it was something fun.

Aug 25, 2007greenfire8484

lol its like my short experiment with heelys, and using Soaps several times, you rfeally do search everywhere u can for rails, ledges, w/e u can grind. It's great.
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Jordan Pushing Aaron off a hand rail. Soap team at it's finest!
Alexei Tajzler of DEOS hittin another Alley-Opp CG in Greenville, Delaware
Jay Sers hittin a Cheesegrater in Montreal
greg morris hittin a backside at olympic stadium
Zach hittin a makio at the Cedar Rapids demo