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ok fine
Sep 20, 2007 by DG


Sep 20, 2007Page645


Sep 20, 2007DG

damb still suck @ posting...
o well u guys i tried to tell and or warn u about our new team site but u made it in 2 a chat room so i said ah screw it! So http://www.freewebs.com/planet-soap/
is the the temp site i now it sucks atm but ill get 2 it eventually.. post ideas and editations here,,, finnaly something will actually b done

Sep 20, 2007DG

or u can just log in as me and edit ur self ^^
log in- planet-soap
pass- 1357779

Sep 20, 2007AnthoFlex

Yo DG, fix it up a little bit so that its more Soap-related and friendly, then letme know.

Everyone has his SN and password, care to hook up the page a little bit

Sep 20, 2007Page645

cool DG

Sep 20, 2007Deadmoose


Sep 20, 2007DG

i no i kick @$$

Sep 21, 2007Megashadow77

*smacks DG*

That's my line!

Sep 21, 2007DG

O ITS ON! *Shanks Mega*

Sep 21, 2007Megashadow77

*deshanks self*

Sep 21, 2007RamenRadio

*shanks both of ya dumb asses*


Sep 21, 2007Megashadow77

*die* Now get on AIM.

Sep 22, 2007Page645

*takes out grenade and blows the fuck out of every one*

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