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T-bone. Friend or gay?
May 14, 2004 by Defonsky

I just got my new pair of T-bones in the mail, thinking that with a new grind area,(a soul plate if you will) I would be able to do all the grinds that I can do on my skates(soul grind, x grind, etc.). Hell was I wrong. It's almost impossible to lock on to a grind that involves this new "soul plate"! And even when I DO get the lock, I stop sliding and fall on my face because you have to balance on the heel of the shoe like a freakin pair of Heelys! Does anyone else share my pain? I'm looking for people to join my angry mob and storm the dumbass' house that designed these things. Who's with me?

May 14, 2004Collin

Soul type grinds are different on soaps than on inline.

May 14, 2004Wesker

You don't have to balance entirely on the heel for the T-bones. For the begining of the grind I guess you have to start out on the heel, but once your locked in you can move your foot down and you will continue to slide. Not saying to bring your foot completely down,but theres enough space for you to do sole grind's on them.

May 15, 2004Mart

You can't do souls on T-Bones, period

Also, I take it you ordered them via mail order? Wouldn't you have seen the half-soul plate one the picture in the catalogue you ordered from?

May 15, 2004Defonsky

Apparently, mart knows what the hell he's talking about. Soul grinds are not even worth trying to do unless the rail that you're grinding is pretty thin. And grinding ledges with those soul plates is only a fantasy. The problem is that the plate is only like an inch wide, and unless you lock on PERFECTLY, you'll just slide off of the side. Dereke, I think that I heard that you got a pair. Do yours suck as much as mine?

May 15, 2004Mart

The Broadsides are EXACTLY the same as that. I can't stick anything in them cause the soul plate's too unstable

Dario, have you been kicked off the Soap Team yet?

May 15, 2004Rocker

the t-bones where fine for me, then again i only did one mizou. but the problem was that i used mine to much and they ripped leaving a hole up to my foot. i found broadsides though. they are actually nice and ive done a soul or two, crapp souls, but none the less souls.


May 15, 2004Wesker

Mart, don't try to start a fight again.

As for the T-bones when I said sole grinds I meant sole plated grinds. Not SOUL. Soul I guess would be hard but a lot of tricks are possible on the T-bones.

As to why you can't stick anything on the Broadsides, thats your problem. Practice makes perfect.

May 16, 2004Defonsky

I've also been able to do a mizou, and, occasionaly, a kind grind. But in the end, paying $100 for a pair of shoes that only gives you two more grinds just isn't worth it. Maybe I should try a porn star, or something.

May 17, 2004Mart

You can only do rough grinds on T-Bones

May 18, 2004Greg

ayo remember the time myself, aaron macdonald and dunk didnt get on the soap team but a bunch of other chumps did?

theres a joke that wont ever get old.

May 23, 2004Mart

'remember the time myself, aaron macdonald and dunk didnt get on the soap team but a bunch of other chumps did?'

There's a fairly good chance that this will only be 66% accurate sometime soon

Jun 5, 2004hazard

i have t bones and i can get in soul positions just fine. maybe you suck maybe ur a noob soaper.

Jun 7, 2004Mart

There's a difference between 'soul position' and 'soul grind', fucknut

Jun 9, 2004Phantom00991

Yeah, I had some t's and I could lock onto the sole plate pretty well. Given I couldn't do souls at all, that sucks, but rough mizous and a rough pornstar or two aren't that hard.
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