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When Did you start soaping
May 23, 2004 by Curtinator

Has anyone started soaping a long time ago?

May 23, 2004Mart

Considering Soap is seven years old, your question is pointless

May 23, 2004Greg

define long?

and i think its like, 4years or something for me, although i havent done last it in maybe a year.

May 23, 2004Ryan-FST


May 25, 2004Curtinator

Mart:No its not.

May 25, 2004Mart

I think you'll find it is. If soaping is 7 years old, it invariably means that someone started it 7 years ago, which could be considered to be a long time ago

May 26, 2004Curtinator

pfft oh ahh who cares about you? no one i don't care if you tell me of go a head. hehehe dink lil dink

May 28, 2004Greg

dink? what are you, four? you also spelt shoes with a Z in your signature. congrats youre an idiot.

May 28, 2004Curtinator


May 28, 2004sold324

i have been soapin 4 about a month go me

May 29, 2004l3w1z

i started soaping today, i am sooo shyte

Jun 1, 2004Collin

i started in september this year.

Jun 1, 2004Smokey

There hasn't been a september this year :P

Jun 1, 2004Curtinator

yeah what are you smoking Collin??

Jun 3, 2004Collin

Sorry, September 2003.

Jun 8, 2004AnotherFSWalker

Whenever Sonic Adventure 2 came out on Dreamcast. So kind of long.

Jun 8, 2004sudz_soap

i started on sunday! BO!
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