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There are No soaps in Canada :( why?
Aug 9, 2004 by Curtinator

my bro told me but I forgot.

Aug 10, 2004No10Spi

Why dont you just ask your brother again because he is probably within 10 feet of you

Aug 10, 2004Mart

More like three inches inside him

Aug 12, 2004Curtinator

I'm not gay !!You Dirty Jew!!

Aug 12, 2004Curtinator

Fuck You I don't about gay stuff or being gay you Super gay fag uhhh yeah beat that.

Aug 12, 2004Curtinator

No wait "Fuck You I don't talk about gay stuff or being gay you Super gay fag uhhh yeah beat that.``

Aug 13, 2004sold324

what the hell are you a scitsofenic or what

Aug 13, 2004Collin

Maybe because the only good thing for soaping that came from canada is resu.

Aug 16, 2004Greg


Oct 21, 2004red_wing

k curtinator...is this really about dissing people? and no i doubt that youre gay but still theres probably no soap shoes in canada because no sellers have heard of them..and u guys dont gotta be so hard on the lil guy!
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