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My first video!
Apr 30, 2008 by Franticfred

Hey every one just lettin yall know i posted my first video today


Forewarning yall its short and kinda repititive but seeing how i dont have anyone to soap with and i cant leave the house my options are kinda limited haha and once the credits are done theres nuthin but the end of the song haha

Apr 30, 2008rhinoskater30

nice shoes, i have those

Apr 30, 2008Franticfred

i love these things haha god it feelsgood to be back on the rails

Apr 30, 2008xJeremiahx

I'll just repeat what I said on my youtube comment.

"Not bad. It's good that you are starting off with something fairly high and downward. It will help later on.

P.S. your poor doggy wants to play. Throw that ball please! haha"

P.S.S. In the future post all vids and pics in the "media thread".

Apr 30, 2008Sakkage

Nicely done, man. It seems like alot of people have 'installed' their own bars to practice on. Where to you find them at?

Apr 30, 2008Franticfred

my dad got this one from work and brought it home for me when i used to inline skate

Apr 30, 2008Kain

nice....I wish I had a practice rail like that

Apr 30, 2008Sakkage

What about something like this, just for practice?

Apr 30, 2008Kain

yeah, but....it's square....

all the round rails I find are expensive.

Apr 30, 2008Sakkage

Most the ledges I've been trying to grind w/ my soaps are square... is that a problem for the shoes?

Apr 30, 2008sam

Nice vid, but guys seriously keep the practice vids to a minimum or none(on youtube). Once the flamers find them your just sitting bait.

May 1, 2008Kain

nope...you just have to hit it at an angle, if you land on top of it you're dead

May 1, 2008SapAuthor

unless it' a very small square, anything square often doesn't fall into to V groove in them, i always wondered if carving a groove in the sides for square rails would work, but i dunno.

May 1, 2008Sakkage

We've got lots of round rails around campus here, but they're all on concrete stairs and such...I'm kinda nervous to try to grind 'em.

May 1, 2008SapAuthor

build up to it, and just be careful, wear a helmet at least i would say cuz one good cement stair to the head could spell disaster.

May 1, 2008Kain


get a practice rail and learn to use that first. Then put it at an angle and try going down it. Once you master that, you can try handrails.

May 6, 2008liljiggy

Well, i already tryed to make a home made rail with a tree branch with wax, going well, but looking forward to buy some pipes or PVC pipes to try to do something sick!!

Ima keep y'all in touch to give you a list of the things you can use as an home made rail!!


May 7, 2008Sakkage

I just got my pr in yesterday! I have been looking forward to trying it out. So I got home from work, put the rail together and took it outside to test it out. On my FIRST JUMP onto it, the damn thing broke! The welding one of the leg supports just gave way, and broke right off. What a bummer! I've emailed the vendor and I'm asking them to send another or just refund my money...
Either way, I think I'm going to try to make-shift my own pr using the scraps from the broken one, and maybe some pvc. I want to SOAP!

May 7, 2008SapAuthor

PVC pipe is the universal PR when it comes to soaps. Keeping it from rolling though is something you got to take into account, as well as it flexs so you have to lay it flat on the ground unless you reinforce it somehow.

What is more expensive but works better is a metal pole (NOT aluminum or soft metals, because they will slow you down, you need something hard like steel), but again that will be pricey.

May 7, 2008Franticfred

ya the rail in my video i got from my dads work awhile back when i used to inline skate.... i knew i was keeping it for a reason and hey even it you find a rail thats semi-rusty just got to your local drugstore and buy some cheap candles and wax the rail a bit and it should work just fine

May 7, 2008liljiggy

well, for the PVC Pipe or anything made of non-resistant material CAN be sollidified if you put something on the two ends... and on the very middle of it... It's kinda related to physics, more you have space with nothing to support in the middle, faster it will tempt to break... i don't know for rails, but for home made rails, they need to be sollidified on the middle and the two ends...

like this with some bricks or cement blocks
| | | | | |

May 7, 2008liljiggy


Sorry it didn't worked i tryed to illustrate it but for some reasons it made it all messy
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