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Feb 18, 2009 by NagoyaFox

Okay Im just wondering what kind of wax you guys use? When I was using my Friend's Cleans we used a bar of soap and then I found my last block of "Curb Cream". I love "Curb Cream" but I have heard of people using candle wax and ehh...I dont remember but what is eveyone's wax of choice?

Feb 18, 2009Altman

I've used Curb Cream before and loved it but everybody who knows me knows that I am a religious user of Ledge Butta. But then again, you could just go to any hardware store and buy Gulf Wax, it's the same thing and it's cheaper.

Feb 18, 2009NagoyaFox

Gulf Wax? Whats is used for(I mean asdide from what we are talking about)? I have never heard of it. Was it that stuff used for canning food?

Feb 18, 2009Altman

You hit the nail right on the head. It's for canning stuff, but it's perfect for street use as well.

Feb 19, 2009Revengasaur

I just use candle wax. Never needed anything else really.

Feb 19, 2009AnthoFlex

hard candle wax works the best, because its all paraffin (same wax as Gulf wax, which is the best wax you can use)

I've found that paraffin wax (gulf wax) works best for me, because it cakes on ledges in half the time it took for some other waxes i used to make ledges slidable.


At the very last few seconds of that video, see that ledge? I waxed the hell outta that ledge for like a week STRAIGHT and it still wouldn't slide (yes, i literally took time out of my day to travel to the ledge and wax it everyday for a week).....Then i got my hands on some paraffin and well....look at the grind now...

Feb 19, 2009NagoyaFox

I actually went to hobby lobby and found this huge block of paraffin wax! Its pretty epic guys...now when my own shoes come in...

Feb 20, 2009Altman

Like AnthoFlex just said, paraffin is like the king of all wax. I heard it's made from beeswax or something like that.

Feb 20, 2009NagoyaFox

Yeah Id say. Bee's Wax? Thats intense.

AnthoFlex-I watched that Video...first off SWEET~ Wii mode I laughed really hard with the "soap O"/batman reference, and secondly dear god I could see where that ledge shiney with all that wax. I could believe you spent a week trying to fix that. How much wax did you use?

Feb 20, 2009Joshua3109

I should try some of this paraffin wax, hey antho you should give me some ^^

Feb 20, 2009Altman

Give? Dude, it's only like 25 bucks. Go buy your own.

Feb 20, 2009AnthoFlex

I heard from sam (who makes some seriously unreal skate wax) that beeswax works even better than paraffin...Sam sells wax that are blends of the best wax, so i would suggest hitting him up if you cant find any paraffin or beeswax

As for that ledge....I used i think it was almost 2 complete Jesus candles (the ones that you have to smash the glass to get the wax) And it still didnt slide that great.

After hitting it with a 1/4 block of a 1 pound block of paraffin it was as smooth as butter. When the weather gets warmer imma have to go wax it up again

Damn, that ledge yields many great grinds for me. I actually learned switch Royales on it. The angle and curve of the ledge helped a lot

Feb 20, 2009AnthoFlex

Just another note:

The rest of that ledge wont slide for shit no matter what I do to it. If you look at the video you can see that the ledge is split into sections, theres the one i slid on, the next one, and then finally a flat one.

The last two don't slide no matter what i do to them

Feb 20, 2009sam

1/2 beeswax and 1/2 paraffin works best for soaping and skating i've found. Its hard and grips good. I wouldnt recommend using beeswax on a snowboard though, it doesnt melt the snow like good old paraffin.

But you can always hit up your local grocery or craft store to buy some serious bulk wax, or you can buy some from me :D

Feb 20, 2009Revengasaur

Yeah, a decent candle is always a good thing to have around when grinding. Most that you'd find in supermarkets (like safeway or target for example) are not 100% paraffin though. (jesus candles) Interestingly enough the dollar tree has 100% paraffin candles from time to time.

Feb 20, 2009AnthoFlex

Really? Thats actually kinda cool.

I've noticed that the purple ones and red ones at my supermarket are the shit. Now i know, they're just colors, but. Once i bought a blue one and it didnt even feel like wax.....fucked up the rail i was gonna session actually....I never used it again.

Red and Purple for the win!

...i cant believe i said for the win

Feb 21, 2009xJeremiahx

Usually the scented candles are good. They add scented oil to the wax and that oil also helps reduce friction on the rail/ledge

Feb 21, 2009jamjam0

is hella slick diamond wax any good ive ordered some and it seems very good

Feb 21, 2009jamjam0

please reply

Feb 21, 2009Altman

I bought some about a year back but I've never used it.

Feb 21, 2009AnthoFlex

i try to stay away from name brand skate wax because in my eyes, wax is wax. Some may be better than others, but once Altman and I bought bars of "Ledge Butta" for like $6 or $7....Worked great. But then when i got some paraffin wax, it looked (big surprise), smelled, and felt the same.

One major similarity between them was this distinct noise you get when you knock on the wax. Its like knocking on a sheet of metal. I've only gotten this noise out of Ledge Butta and Paraffin

Feb 21, 2009jamjam0

is hella slick diamond wax rubbish or good?

Feb 21, 2009AnthoFlex

if you have it, use it dude. The name sounds good.

Also, wax is wax

Feb 21, 2009Revengasaur

Back in the day I used to melt down some soap into paraffin for use with skateboarding. For some reason it made the wax stick to and smooth out over concrete a lot better. Sometimes with trucks you wax something up and then the wax just gets ground off, and you have to keep waxing it up. I tried some of that with my soaps and couldn't tell any difference, so I kinda figure with the plastic of a soap plate the wax properties aren't as important as long as you just get a good coat going. I dunno I've never had problems with something being too slick with soaps, but on a skateboard you can definitely overwax a surface. I try to keep that in mind when soaping a regular skate spot.

Feb 21, 2009Revengasaur

Okay. Antho (and everyone) I asked my girlfriend, who's parents are candle makers(!) about wax and she said there are a couple reasons why different colored/scented candles would feel/work different. One is that the colorant used in most paraffin candles is usually a powder that you just add a tiny amount of to the wax. Those are usually used in less expensive, simple candles. Some others use a colored plastic-ish based colorant (the same stuff they make crayons out of). Also, the scents are all oils, and some smells only come out right if you add a larger portion of scent-to-wax. Also some candles are made using a certain percentage of soy based wax. I think that the Jesus candles are made almost completely of soy wax, because it's a lot cheaper, (considering paraffin is an oil based wax) but they add that glass and picture to the outside and that makes it more expensive. So the normal paraffin ends up at the dollar store? I think i used the word "based" in a paragraph more than any other person ever.

Feb 21, 2009Revengasaur

Damn... we should write a book on wax.

Feb 21, 2009jamjam0

is anyone still on?

Feb 21, 2009sam

One way you can make your wax perform better is by buying nstic. Its pretty hard to find, but if you add it, it helps reduce residue a shitload. Scents leave wax feeling somewhat greasy or slippery, which is why i started adding rasberry scent to my wax.

Also, to get that sick overly skated ledge look, you just need to keep grinding it for a few days when its hot out.

Feb 22, 2009AnthoFlex

I've seen over-waxing on soaps. My friend once over-waxed this rail we were trying to hit during my first year of soaping.

I thought i was sliding on my plates but i was actually sliding front foot on its plate, back foot on the front part of the midsole.....I ended up racking myself....BADLY. You know its bad when you're just hanging there and your feet still aren't touching the floor.

However for ledges, theres no such thing as overwaxing....not for me at least...not yet.

I got some tips from these bladers awhile back on waxing ledges. Remember that ledge that i said took me a week to get to slide? A little more down from there, theres this one part of the ledge that is slick...but i mean its slick slick.....Its slicker than like.....i dunt even know, like if you rub two grindplates together. Keep in mind this ledge we're talking about is part of the ledge that i waxed for a week straight

These guys told me to get really soft jesus wax and just cake the hell outta it along a ledge, use an entire candle. This gets deep into the nooks and crannies of the ledge. A day later when its all settled in, hit the ledge with some paraffin. Keep hitting it with paraffin until it slides.

The softr jesus wax gets into where the paraffin cant, and then the paraffin leaves that ultra-slick slide.

Feb 22, 2009Revengasaur

I've never soaped a rail that I found needed wax. Maybe there are some that I should be waxing, but I just go faster most of the time

That's a cool Idea to dual-wax something. I have a super gnarly curb out in front of my house that is just silly to try to grind on soaps, it's consistency is that of a cheese grater. I mean like 60+ years of Northwest rains funky. I've been waxing and grinding that thing on my skateboard for a while now, and the top of the curb is finally ground down enough to get the whole block. That's my big making-things-grind success story.

Feb 22, 2009AnthoFlex

Almost every rail i've ever done has needed wax. Its dangerous to go on a rail that somewhat slides, then halfway down theres a rust spot and you stop instantly

Feb 23, 2009Joshua3109

Altman, you are a fagget, I was joking obviously

Feb 23, 2009AnthoFlex

Obviously he was too. Cool it on the forums, we don't need no childish shit, this isn't Heelychat

Feb 23, 2009Joshua3109

Pfft, didnt look like it, im done though

Feb 23, 2009Louis


Mar 5, 2009Joshua3109


Mar 7, 2009Joshua3109

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