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Your funniest story or event In SOaping
May 24, 2006 by AnthoFlex

just like it says...post your funniest or most disturbing or most memorable moment in your SOaping experience.....By the way...i spell SOap like that (with the "S" and "O" purposely....lolz, its my style...

May 24, 2006AnthoFlex

Ok i'll go first.....when i first got my Ordnance....they were so clean and SOOO new.....i knew i would never get the chance to ever again do so again sooo......

I licked the bottom of the shoe....it was the only time that it was clean enough to be licked....LMFAO!!!! XP

May 24, 2006Surfaced

I slept with my first pair of Soaps.


May 24, 2006AnthoFlex

its true, i licked them ^_^

May 24, 2006Louis

various, but this one time when i went soaping with a mate of mine, another friend came along who never soaped or skated or anything in his life. Well, while me and my soap buddy were chatting my other friend was waxing up the rail. A few minutes later we stopped chatting, and my friend stopped waxing the rail (yes...he was waxing it for minutes, without us knowing).
So i go in to grind this one foot high rail thinking nothing of it, but end up travelling about 30 feet in 0.5 seconds and go flyyyinngg off the rail so damn fast i didnt even have time to get my hands out infront of me. I litterally landed face first into the pavement, that really fucking hurt i'll tell you.

May 24, 2006Louis

oh yeah, and of course with my first pair of soapshoes, i didnt peel the yellow sticker off so that i could claim i hadnt peeled it incase i needed to sue.....

Oh and on the ukfsw trip when some kid came up to us and was like

kid: "your shoes..."
Jim: "what about them?"
kid: "the dont really slip"
Jim: "yes they do"
kid: "how come?"
Jim: "cos they're MAGIC SHOES"


May 24, 2006Surfaced

I wonder if the kid believed y'all.

May 24, 2006Wesker

Just about any time a kid thinks he can soap with his normal sneakers, rofl.

Also this one time me and Sal were cessing this huge concrete stairset in the snow one winter. Sal was testing it out and wanted me to help him out but he ended up slipping and spun around. He lunged his arm out at me and I grabbed his arm tight.

If you've ever seen the movie cliff hanger, then you'll find this especially funny. Sal was facing me with his back to the stairs and he was almost falling backwards, I had his hand so it was ok... Until the glove he was wearing slipped off his hand and he ended up falling backwards on the whole staircase which was a good 25 steps down, thank God for the snow!

Couple of funny Soap related storys on my sessions page.

May 25, 2006SapAuthor

this one time, at band camp...

May 25, 2006AnthoFlex

Gotta be sapauthor to kill the mood ROFL LMFAO

May 25, 2006SapAuthor

hehe, sorry. I'll post any funny stories when i get my first major crash. should be a riot.

May 25, 2006Mart

It was Daz, Louis, not Jim! But yeah that was a classic moment, although I'm pretty sure I missed it at the time, much like most of the phone booth encounter

May 25, 2006AnthoFlex

SapAuthor.....a funnie or most memorable moment doesnt have to be hen you fall dude...lol...like me licking my new ordance..that wasnt falling

May 25, 2006Louis

gawd whats wrong with me!!?! First i confuse kyle with alexei, and now daz with jim!?.....i should go get my head checked out, maybe its the effect of the aforementioned fall....

May 25, 2006Mart

Heh, in that case I'd better get mine checked out after taking that fall in St Albans after you'd left

May 25, 2006onthegrindduude

once my friend was grinding a fountain and he accidently jumped right in

May 25, 2006broox

i broke my tailbone in that iowa city video.

May 25, 2006AnthoFlex

HOLY S***! When you missed the rail and hung up? ouch i rememebr that

May 26, 2006Curtinator

One of my relitives tryed my soap shoes and just ran and jumped on the rail and did the splits on his first time it was so friggen funny and he fell on his back haha.

May 26, 2006James

I was grinding with my T-bones(they have some pretty worn plates) on a practice rail.After awhile the wax that was alraedy on there was wearing off so I had to wax it up alot because of the carppy plates. This was the day I got my new B-sides and decided to test em' out once or twice I forgot I had so much wax on the rail so I ran in (faster tha most because I heard broadsides wherent very fast) and as soon as I jumped on my feet went over my head and I landed on the Practice rail.

May 26, 2006Curtinator

Haha sweet.

May 26, 2006kgb

Surfaced, I also slept with my soaps.

Of course I used protection and started off slow, making sure they got wet enough.

May 26, 2006Primal

Oh, the times I've fallen off...

I've done EVERYTHING. Grinding bridges - and falling in the water.

Grinding quarterpipes at the local park and coming off too fast - if anyone is familiar with the SpinDash technique used in the Sonic games, you'll have an idea of how I came off. Hit the floor on my shoulder, durled up and rolled over a few times. DIZZY.

My worst (as in, most painful) grind had to be on a disused railway line. The particular branch line hasn't been used in my entire lifetime - it's overgrown with weeds. So, I clear a long section out and grind it. The only problem was the break between the different sections of rail - I hit it too fast, went forwards and cracked my skull open.


May 26, 2006AnthoFlex

damn that suks......SPin dash!! lmao thats hot....i wanna spin dash

May 27, 2006SapAuthor

Okay, i got my funny story. I've been raiving to Dario and Surface about this awesome rail in my school. I finally got done with graduation ceremony, head upstairs to the rail, and prepare to grind it. I run, I jump up, hit my head on the ceiling and hit my side on the bar on the way down. So much for "Senior Slide" Never grind indoors without proper headway -.-

May 27, 2006AnthoFlex

HOLY CRAP! dude, thats my NUMBER 1 fear...OMFG! LMFAO!!

May 27, 2006Curtinator

Harhar I have nothing much to grind indoors.

May 27, 2006SapAuthor

Funniest part, my parents were with teh cam and vid cam, they didn't get anything but they were there.

Jun 1, 2006Sugarfree

Alright guys, so i took my gf to the movies tonight. We get there, get seated and i go get a soda. On the way back i'm walking up to the isle and don't see that there is a plastic strip on the floor that runs the length of the seats. As soon as i start to enter the isle my foot steps onto the plastic, i slip and land right on my right side rib cage on the plastic arm rest. I managed to not spill the soda but made an ass out of myself and oh god does it hurt right now :( I'm sure i'll be laughing about it tomorrow, lol

Jun 1, 2006Surfaced

I never knew those strips were so thick...

Jun 1, 2006Wesker

They're juuust thick enough if you hit it at the right angle.

A huge advantage to using the Broadsides is that if you hit it right you could grind the light strips down to the bottom on the latteral plate.

Jun 10, 2006EyeSmell

I remember seeing a wheel chair access ramp at school on the second floor.
So naturally..... I jump on the rail and pass up the principal and the Superintendent.
The Superintendent had a good laugh about it, but I still got a detention.

Jun 12, 2006Jard39


once I put my rail on a cinderblock amd i tryed to go up it and the block fell into my back. that was it for that day.though i was fine later.

Jun 12, 2006AnthoFlex

Oh shit dude that suks....wait.....did you fall into the block or did it fall on you? If it fell on you, u musta had it really high then.....u shouldnt do that if ur just starting out....just a thought

Jun 15, 2006SapAuthor

"Dude, I should try hitting that rail by the shopping cart drop off"
"You want to?"
"Yah, i can do it"
"Okay, here we go"
Jumps, falls short, lands flat on side, laughter.

Jun 15, 2006AnthoFlex

HAs anyone besides me ever gotten the:

"Why do you put magnets on ur shoes man?"


Jun 16, 2006maddog

no lol i just get the "Get off our property" and "LEAVE" stuff lol

Oct 9, 2015Waffle

I tried pulling a royale with no grooves on a university rail and well. Fell on concrete.

Oct 10, 2015gongon1037

I jumped on a bike rack that wasn't bolted to the ground, then the whole damn thing tipped over and I fell on my ass

Full story: http://www.solidgrind.com/forum/64366/
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