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Soap Shoes for Sale Sizes 9, 10, 11,12, 13
Mar 20, 2010 by sylonbroadsides

The two shoes that are stared are a little more worn up.
Black Cleans Size 13*

Grey Flows size 11

Size 10 Heelys Mack

Size 10 Navy Scabs

Septums size 9*

Like New

Earth Septums size 10

Crowbars size 9

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

do you have any other 13s?

Mar 20, 2010sylonbroadsides

plenty, as a matter of fact. I have a pair of crowbars size 13 that I've been meaning to get rid of for a while now.

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

really, how much would you want for 'em?

Mar 20, 2010sylonbroadsides

30 without a pair of grind plates, 50 with a pair of bbk grind plates. 10 dollars for shipping.

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

30$ sonds great, I've got a buncha extra plates lyin around so I'd be good, just need to aks my mom bout the funds at the moment, also what is the color and condition of 'em

Mar 20, 2010sylonbroadsides

grey and orange, they are in very good condition except for one small place where the grind plate goes.

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

sylon wut's your e-mail so I can get back to you?

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

do you have any pics?

Mar 20, 2010sylonbroadsides

moviemantrav(at)yahoo(dot)com and no I need to take pictures.

I'll post them here in like ten minutes

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

alright cool

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

oh, those are turntables, do you have any different ones, sorry they're just not really my style, a little too crazy if you know what I mean

Mar 20, 2010Brad

Lol @ Turntables. Ugliest Soap shoe imo.

Mar 20, 2010Kooksoaper13

yeah, I thought they were gonna be crowbars *sob*

Mar 23, 2010Wesker


Mar 23, 2010matrix8967

let me check out those 9 crowbars...I'm really just interested in their plates...but Crowbars where my 1st shoe back then, so It'd be nice to have some on display or whatever.

also, let me checkout the 10 septums...we may have a transaction going pretty soon...

Mar 24, 2010sylonbroadsides

I'll email you thursday night Alex. Sorry about the delay.

They do have the curb buster grind plates.

Mar 24, 2010Tedd

I'm interested in some shoes here as well. Email me at sonny dot canasa gmail and we'll talk hopefully.

Mar 25, 2010SpiderSoaper


Mar 25, 2010SpiderSoaper


Mar 27, 2010Brad


Mar 30, 2010Kooksoaper13

so sylon do you have any different 13s?

May 5, 2010DirtySoap

Hey, do you still have those Crowbars or Scabs?

May 5, 2010sylonbroadsides

yes, please leave your email address and I will email you back very shortly.

May 6, 2010PixelEater

I'm interested in 13s too. I'd need to really be into them since I'm mostly a 14, but let me know what you've got. chickenheadgummies [ಠ_ಠ at] gmail.com

May 6, 2010sylonbroadsides

sent you an email

May 10, 2010DirtySoap

May 10, 2010sylonbroadsides

I sent you an email man.

May 10, 2010sylonbroadsides

in what shoes and what sizes do you need? please send me an email back.

May 10, 2010Brad

Hey Trav, you got any other 12's/13's of any kind? I got a birthday coming up and could go for another pair ;)

May 12, 2010DirtySoap

I've been trying to email you about it, but I guess it hasn't been going through ]: Try my other email: treemeistah@tmail.com

Jun 11, 2010jfuya2000

Hey do you still have the septums 10? if so, show me a pic and I can see if I would like them. Also, lemme know what your price is. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2010Sieg

Hey dude, I am 100% down for buying the Grey Flows in size 11. Email me pictures/info on how we should set this up.

Thanks in advance dude ;]

Jun 23, 2010sylonbroadsides

I have an updated list that I will post soon guys. Just hang tight.

Jul 7, 2010ookami7

Do you still have the Crowbars size 9? If so send me a pic, as long as the condition is decent i'll be happy to take em off your hands

Jul 8, 2010BuySoaps

yes, we do. Just email COM

Nov 21, 2010Lorenzo

I generally wear an 11 1/2, so I'm thinking I should wear size 12 right? Anyways, I'm interested in any size 12 Soaps so e-mail me at christophernando@live.com. Thanks!

Dec 30, 2010baconpwn

Do you still have the size 9

Jun 24, 2011Neoblade16

Is there any other 11 or 12s?

Jul 9, 2011winglessavian

They're gone.

Sep 21, 2011Pepsiman98

Do you still have any 13's?

Sep 22, 2011Pepsiman98

Almost forgot:

Oct 16, 2011Riqs

OMG you hit me up for those flows and with a plate if you have the Impact plate ill take that and if you don't and the BBK plates can fit ill take those.

Oct 16, 2011Riqs

btw you can reach me at riqs01@gmail.com

Nov 12, 2011baconpwn

any 10s

Nov 16, 2011Brad

(psst, they're all gone)

Feb 25, 2012zelda

some old ass soap shoes sold like hotcakes

Feb 25, 2012iluvspam


Feb 28, 2012RamenRadio

whoever is a size 10 is in luck

Mar 11, 2012Riqs

oh my friend might want to buy some contact him at: oice.curry@gmail.com thanks

Mar 12, 2012RamenRadio

I have some size 10 macks, what size is ur friend

Jun 6, 2012NeonCrow

i want a size 12 but i need them sent to baltimore. is that possible?

Jun 7, 2012abj288

eBay man

Jun 8, 2012gongon1037

u can also try kateskates.co.uk, but the price for a pair of soaps there can go from $100 to $190. the shoes are brand new though, so for $150 u can get a brand new pair.

Jul 16, 2014Aquariuzray

I used to be so dope with SOAPS back in the 90's. If any one has size 11 hit me up at Aquariuzray@gmail.com

Jul 18, 2014zelda

i'm actually going to be selling all my stuff soon, posters and everything. i'll post a thread when theres time.

Jul 18, 2014grug250

i got first dibs bro
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