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How many Active users are still out there?
Nov 19, 2010 by blakeashake

If you are active on this site post something on this thread! I gave up hope a while ago on SG, but I got it back now. So if you still lurk around say something.

Nov 19, 2010Brad

I'd post, but I'm fairly sure my presence here is known.

Nov 19, 2010blakeashake

haha you posted that so that works lol

Nov 20, 2010winglessavian

woops i'm on here

Nov 22, 2010lonewolf1221

I'm Still Here

Nov 26, 2010Kooksoaper13

I check every once in a while

Nov 28, 2010Wesker

Floating around.

Nov 28, 2010HedgeGrind673

I have an account, but have never actually posted here =P

Nov 30, 2010Brad


Dec 2, 2010Brad


Dec 2, 2010Revengasaur

Postan, Soapan.

Dec 2, 2010winglessavian

Not in the rain!

Dec 3, 2010DirtyAdville

dude were can i get a size 11 its like these things are obsolete now? any help would be great

Dec 3, 2010DirtyAdville

usa here

Dec 4, 2010Brad


This site has 11's, only one style though. Other than that eBay is your best bet I'm afraid.

Dec 4, 2010winglessavian

That or get into bidding wars with revengasaur over the next size 11s you see.

Dec 6, 2010blakeashake

there is surprisingly less people than i had thought and wesker do you still have the link to all of them soaping vids?

Dec 6, 2010Stephen

I'm still here! Finally got some Salomon grind shoes xd!

Dec 9, 2010blakeashake

that would be the one! haha hood shit man thanks!

Dec 9, 2010Brad

lol, no worries ;P

Dec 9, 2010siuol7

Still here just whipped out my old ordnances for the first time in over a year

Dec 24, 2010Louis

I'm still here.....well, I lurk once in a blue moon and abdicate from my administrating duties. Unfortunately life moves on and soapshoes aren't currently a part of it. I have many fond memories of it though. UKFSW for life.

Dec 24, 2010Louis

done a bit of spring cleaning of the spam (very laborious task with the admin tools this site uses), will try and come back now and then to keep the first couple of forum pages cleanish but can't promise too much!

Dec 24, 2010Brad

Thanks, chief.

Jan 6, 2011winglessavian

Louis why don't you make brad an admin if you can, he's on here a lot and seems willing to help out?

Jan 12, 2011Louis

Hi winglessavian. As much as I'd love to do that, unfortunately my admin profile doesnt give me that power. I can only makes posts and do some general site upkeep.

Jan 16, 2011winglessavian

Oh well that's a bummer. and there's not much chance of broox getting on here either so i guess we're kinda stuck. Glad you're willing to come back and help out some though!

Jan 19, 2011CheElmo

'Tis been awhile since I last checked this site.
I almost forgot about Soap Shoes. I've been occupied with figure collecting.

Good to see people are still here though!

Jan 19, 2011Brad

For the most part.

Jan 20, 2011Calkinsjosh

where can i order a pair of size 10s, preferably nitros

Jan 20, 2011Brad

Nitro's only ran in sizes 1-6, so I'm going to go ahead and assume you want Chaos' :P
UK 9 = US 10's but it costs A LOT to order from there. Mostly shipping charges since they're based in the UK. Other than that, you can find 10's here
http://1800wwsports.stores.yahoo.net/heelysshoes.html or if you're lucky enough to live in the UK, here http://www.rawk.com/

Other than that, look for 'em in eBay.

Jan 20, 2011Brad

Rawk doesn't ship to anywhere but UK, if I'm not mistaken. That's why you'd be lucky to live there :P

Jan 21, 2011gettingfaster

Anyone have the slightest idea how I could get a pair of scorchers

Jan 21, 2011Brad

Prey to the gods a pair shows up on eBay and that you have enough cash to out bit the other six billion people that want a pair :P

Jan 22, 2011baconpwn

I just got a pair of brand new scorchers on e bay for 10 bucks there super sick really light and comfortable and the grind plate lock on is awesome

Jan 23, 2011winglessavian

no. way.
what size?

Jan 23, 2011asiansensation

yo guys! wassup? kinda new here update me with soap shoes aight? kinda miss em got my first pair like 11 years ago.... and still keeping the grind plates, the shoes worn out need to get like 3 pairs of it, any new models that are fast? holla back aight?

Jan 23, 2011Brad

Bacon. Pics. Nao.

Asian, other than the line of soaps Heelys rolled out back in '03, there's been no new grind shoes period. Unless you count this thing http://www.heelys.com/SitePages/MoreInfoNano.aspx
Rumor has it though that there's going to be a new Heelys grind shoe in the near future.

Jan 24, 2011baconpwn

im trying to post pics of them but it says wrong format jpg only but the file is jpg

Jan 24, 2011asiansensation

nope no good for, can't they just make soap shoes only?

Jan 24, 2011Brad

bacon, use www.imgur.com and post the url

asian, I myself have received an email, along with many others, from Heelys and they stand pretty firm in the fact that they don't want Soap shoes anywhere anymore. They just refuse to make 'em anymore :\

Jan 26, 2011asiansensation

then i'll just have to buy heely shoes without the wheel then...... my sister is coming back from uk so i ordered some soap shoes from rawk.com and kateskates.com....... it's kinda free mailing from where she lives.....

Jan 26, 2011sam

Still lurkin, going to try to get some new pics up soon.

Jan 26, 2011Brad

shweet. I need to get out soaping again, been far too rainy where I live. Its killing me.

Jan 28, 2011Revengasaur

Dudes. I'm soaping a lot compared to a while ago. I'm thinking about maybe making some homemade plates soon. I have ideas that involve some chemistry and ceramic slip-cast molding. Look forward to more weirdness soon. Don't give up the fight. Also... FILMING VIDEO SOON.

Jan 28, 2011Brad


Jan 29, 2011winglessavian


Jan 30, 2011winglessavian

went to skate park today. soaped some handrails and ledges. minor injuries. tons of style points. hordes of admiring ten-year olds. BRING SOAPS BACK.
later: exhaustion, bruises, warm cheerful glow.


Feb 2, 2011Mattshh

I would soap if you send a pair and try to bring it back in style hit me if you get this
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Dude sliding the Soap Van
Luke Williams with a bike rack grind
Daylon Smith sliding the huge Iowa City kink
Derek Brooks hittin a Royale
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