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Feb 10, 2012 by sk8erx34

I havent soaped in a long time so im a little out of it, did they take down sssoapshop?
and one more question, is this sight actually taken care of or just people still posting? lol

Feb 10, 2012sk8erx34

oh and btw Wyattpeterson i dont know if you remember me but like 4 years ago you got me into soaping lol

Feb 13, 2012RamenRadio

I didn't know things got this bad, sssoapshop is gone

Feb 15, 2012RamenRadio

what type of music do you play Steve.

Feb 16, 2012sk8erx34

btw that should be site* and ramen, what kind do i play or listen to?

Feb 16, 2012Brad

At first I thought you guys were crazy. Super sad face.

Feb 20, 2012RamenRadio

I know right? not only don't we have soapshoes.com we don't even have sssoapshop.
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Daylon Smith with a frontside in Iowa City
Carter Bair soaping for the first time
Mark hittin a frontside at work
Trevor G hittin a Front Side
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