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Been a while since this has happened?
Apr 15, 2012 by LondonSoap

Y'all have a new user. Ordered a pair of Black Cleans. Was never allowed them as a kid, and I forgot about them for a while until just now.

Apr 15, 2012Relate2Videos

Welcome to the community!Where did you first see soap shoes bro

Apr 15, 2012zelda

Hey new user what's up

Apr 15, 2012LondonSoap

Thanks, heard about them from a friend after playing Sonic Adventure 2. Was shocked when he told me he had a pair of sonic's grind shoes haha.

Apr 16, 2012zelda

:O wait your friend has sonic's scorchers?

Apr 16, 2012Relate2Videos

that's awesome man, I have sonic's shoe in blue. A lot of people got into Soap Shoes from sonic adventure 2 haha

Apr 16, 2012gongon1037

i bought my first pair because of SA2 also, but not because i wanted to be like sonic, but because of the subliminal soap adds.
i have the game too.

Apr 17, 2012Relate2Videos

lol I no longer have it, it was a good game though

Apr 17, 2012zelda

Sonic Adventure 2 was indeed a good game

Apr 19, 2012LondonSoap

Well, my cleans turned up. Sole is a bit big for my liking generally in shoes but perhaps that's because I usually wear converses? I'll see if anyone says "lol your shoes look retarded" and if not I'll wear them. Other than that they're pretty cool. Waiting for an opportunity to attempt to grind without looking like an idiot :)

Apr 19, 2012sk8erx34

try getting a skateboard or blading practice rail thats the best way to start in my opinion

Apr 19, 2012sk8erx34

and btw its awesome to see new members now adays, Welcome =D

Apr 21, 2012LondonSoap

Lol thanks, tried soaping a bench a bit with my mate. Wasn't too bad. :D Not many good rails in Landaaan. :P

Apr 23, 2012sk8erx34

surprising lol id think there would be =p but never been so im no help lol

Apr 24, 2012blakeashake

Its funny how a lot of people learned about soaps from SA2, or word of mouth. But when i was like 11 i used to love rainy days because on my way home from school or at school I would hop onto the handrails cuz my skate shoes would slide right down them and before i knew it all my friends started doing it too. Then one day I went on google and typed in grind shoes and found myself a pair. And then i really started turning heads and attracting attention from other kids and school faculty.
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Tanner Gregory hittin a Unity
Aaron Taraboletti hittin a Frontside at Wash U
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Daz Burt pulling a frontside 'nugen during the UKFSW Ipswich trip.