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Article about Soap's beginning
Jun 9, 2013 by camaro126

Has anyone read this? I'm sure a lot of you had this knowledge prior but I think it's a great article that talks about Soap's success.


Jun 9, 2013Relate2Videos

nice find bro

Jun 9, 2013zelda


Jun 9, 2013mindreader

wow soap was a multi-million dollar company?

Jun 9, 2013manofmisery

no way...

Jun 10, 2013camaro126

Soap was actually very popular at one point. They could have been much bigger but as the article states, Chris didn't want them at just any store. He wanted them at stores that skaters trusted. If they were at Big 5 and huge retail outlets like that then yeah they could have been as big as any shoe company.

Oct 3, 2014Revengasaur

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