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First rail!
Mar 14, 2014 by LIGERZERO7

Hey! Actually got down my first rail! (saying this for my first because i had to use a step to grind down. it was chest height for me.) Anyway I had to vault up on it. Still scared I might slip if I jump... Sorry haha. I'll try to take a picture of the rail. Its one of the best I saw lol. But anyway quick question. Say of you're trying to brake but you just kinda slip off...? Am I just doing this wrong? I've got a decent groove you know but i just keep sleeping and slamming my face into the rail. (sometimes) Thanks in advance if someone can answer this.

Mar 15, 2014kowalski

Congratulations, man.

Mar 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

congrats bro! you just fully soaped your first rail, a challenge I have yet to complete. Nice job!
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