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New Soap Film: THr3
Sep 4, 2015 by Waffle

Hi guys so there is a direct sequel to tWo being in the works. Send your clips to: Soapvideo1@gmail.com. We hope to make a small demo and reveal it SBG. Later we will unleash the whole thing. Also Bryndonnis involved and stuff. So it is official! This time not only Soap team but anyone!

Sep 8, 2015mcgrinder2011

Holy shit... I HAVE to get my Sylons back from my racist aunt now! I wanna be in this video.

Also... Missed me Waffle?

Sep 8, 2015alexei

would you accept old footage?

Sep 10, 2015Waffle

First, Ryan yes I did you are awesome.hows soaping.
And Alex some old footage wouldnt hurt ;) anything for soap. Also get those sylons back ryan tell ur aunt not to be raciet lol love and peace.

Sep 10, 2015mcgrinder2011

Lol, Soaping's not so good without my shoes Waffle! I keep falling off the rails in my skate shoes that look like converse.

You can count on me getting my Sylons back or my name is Scrubby Mcdummerson! Also there IS no stopping that bitch from being racist. Or a bitch.

Sep 10, 2015Waffle

Haha good Ryan. Also fuck her racist ass. I believe everyone is equal. Hope we will get to movie production soon ;)

Sep 11, 2015gongon1037

Hopefully I can get at least 2 clips this weekend. haven't soaped in a month and I feel I need to practice again.

Sep 13, 2015Ncaplan

Do you want cips from anyone?

Sep 17, 2015Waffle

Yes. It is just to show SBG later we will make the official film.

Sep 7, 2018megamac

Is this project still a thing?
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Trev G hittin a Front Side
Zach larson with a Christ Grind in a Des Moines parking garage
Derek Brooks hittin a Wheelbarrow with the T-bones
Luke Williams with a bike rack grind
Aaron Tarabloletti sliding a huge frontside at WIU.