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Just found out about these...
Sep 12, 2015 by Ncaplan

Are soap shoes still at all popular? They seem to have really died off and are difficult to find.

Sep 12, 2015gongon1037

they're hard to find and not as popular as the used to be, but they still attract a lot of attention.

They might not be trendy, but they don't need to be to spike curiosity on what they are and how they work to someone who never seen or heard of soap before.

Sep 12, 2015gongon1037

You might find a pair here though


Sep 12, 2015Ncaplan

I was able to find a pair on skatehut just the biggest size (us) I could find was a 10. Is there any possibility of the company starting to make them again? I think that would be really sick. I am a park skier so soap shoes are kind of like skis for me. They are super fun and would love to see them be popular again.

Sep 13, 2015gongon1037

if enough people demand them then we could see soap shoes make a comeback, but we need the company who owns soap to see that what they have can still make them money.

I love soap shoes also. they are fun as hell, and people love to see them used on rails or benches. I had to stop soaping(even skating) so many times due to epileptic seizures, but something always brings me back to soaps
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