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Rollerblade TGS Grind Shoes for sale
Jan 11, 2016 by bdavis8576

I have a pair of never before been worn Rollerblade TGS that I've been meaning to sell. Please let me know if anybody is interested.

Jan 11, 2016Waffle

Greg.. It's your time to shine for the 884747th time. Git em!

Jan 11, 2016bdavis8576

They are a really good pair, size 11 and never before been worn. I can send pics if interested.

Jan 11, 2016Sambonie1

Yes please

Jan 12, 2016bdavis8576

Ok, leave me your email and I'll send you the pics. And if that Greg is Greg Crellin, he's already friends with my on Facebook. I'm Brady Davis.

Jan 12, 2016Sambonie1

Jan 12, 2016bdavis8576

Hey man let me know if you got my email

Jan 13, 2016Sambonie1

Got it

Jan 13, 2016Waffle

Psst. These *MIGHT* be fragile.. I can't say much cuz they were discontinued cuz of Soaps lawsuit.

Jan 13, 2016bdavis8576

I've heard the same thing. I've seen pics of the bottoms all torn up. They'd probably work more as a collectors item than an actual wearable shoe.

Jan 15, 2016grug250

Do not grind on them
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