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» Profile Ever since I played Sonic Adventure 2 as a kid, I\'ve always though his grind feature was so cool. Years later (2006) I actually found out that the shoes existed! Even though I saw all of the billboards promoting the product in the game, I never thought to actually follow the adverts to the shoes! I finally got a pair when I was 12 and loved them so much. I don\'t think I ever appreciated them or knew their value like I do now, fast forward so many years to present day. The funny thing is, I\'m not a skater. AT ALL. Grinding has always interested me though because its so incredibly bad ass. I can\'t believe the Soap company stopped manufacturing and HSL didn\'t do anything to support it, but consider me one more person to help you guys get the company up and going again! After all of these years I\'ve finally picked up another pair of new soaps, and man oh man I have no idea what I was missing out on when I was 12. It\'s been hard finding a pair my size (11) since they aren\'t in production, but hell lets make stuff happen! Lets let this generation know what grinding is REALLY like!!

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