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Nov 7, 2006 by Keyvan

I was wondering if their were any demos that were going to be in New York anytime soon for heelys, or soaps?

Nov 7, 2006shdook

I was wondering sorta the same thing you can always check the Heelys website for tour dates and where they will be held. I am looking for one near buffalo.

Nov 7, 2006Kile

yeh were trying to set a soap demo as a matter of fact right now
so check out the forum post called Soap Demo and itll tell you all
about it

Nov 8, 2006AnthoFlex

HELL YEA, Kyle is right! Yo Keyvan, you got a myspace? Hit Soapshoes up at


They gonna give you the heads up on every demo coming up

Nov 9, 2006snikas

hey kile when it supostu be and were in NY

Nov 9, 2006AnthoFlex

Yo snikas, Dario Nieva is more in charge of when and where its gonna be
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Aaron Taraboletti sliding a square kinked rail at Drake University
Dario Nieva with a Mizuo.
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