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this kid is so retarded
Jan 23, 2007 by siuol7

In school today this kid in my english class asked what the thing bolted to my shoes were and i told him they were for grinding.

these are his exact words.

That is so fuckin retarded your such a homo for doing that.


Jan 23, 2007siuol7

later i told him this kid Tanner who is like the most popular kid in my grade did it to and he said that only i was a homo and not Tanner because he wasn't wearing his soaps today

Jan 23, 2007Kile

deck him in tha face

Jan 23, 2007siuol7

i would have if there wasn't as many people around.

Jan 23, 2007siuol7

anyways someone will in the next week

everyone hates him

Jan 23, 2007matrix8967

he's a big floppy donkey douche, don't worry about him.


Jan 23, 2007AnthoFlex

You shoulda been like,

"What the fuck are you? 8? Go jerk off u peice of shit...."

and if he woulda said anything else, take Kyle's advice,

Deck the shit in his face

Jan 23, 2007SonicSoaper

I'd leave a mark in his gut that would be there for the sole purpose of him telling his grandkids about how he got it.

Jan 23, 2007siuol7

he wants me to find 5 other people who soap.

I found all 5 of them in 5 minutes after school.

Jan 24, 2007AnthoFlex

hehe, Brand the Soap O into his forehead Lol

Jan 24, 2007SonicSoaper

YEAH! You can have a Soap session on his face. Not to mention those grind plates work really well when you soccer(football for you Europeans) kick someone in the shins.

Jan 24, 2007AnthoFlex

ok ok ok, lets just stop.

It was all fun and games, but imma be serious.

Dude, dunt get urself in trouble, just let it go.....Like you said, the kid is retarded, let him go about his retarded ways.

But if you feel u need to fuck him up, by all means, go for it

Jan 24, 2007SonicSoaper

But that's not always the right option......wait, it's NEVER the right option....unless he hits you first.

Jan 24, 2007siuol7

He'll probably stop bothering me about it today.
He's gonna go around telling everyone and i know that there are people who will want to start to soap

so after he helps me get more soapers he'll just leave everyone alone and cry in a corner:)

Jan 24, 2007Draker

kids?! popular in grades?! what the fuck are you
talking about are you in 6th grade?

Jan 24, 2007AnthoFlex

Wait......if hes bothering you about it...saying that its fucking retarded and all....why is he helping you getting more people to Soap....dude, get ur story straight

Jan 24, 2007SonicSoaper

Well think about it Renny. If people are told something gay, most people will check it out since they're curious. After seeing it and hopefully getting interested, we get more Soapers.

Jan 24, 2007AnthoFlex


Jan 24, 2007siuol7

I'm in 7th grade and i meant pretty much what sonicsoaper was saying

Jan 24, 2007SonicSoaper


Jan 25, 2007SSAndroid


but i would have just said, wow, okayy, w/e and just let it go, unless he did it again...

Jan 25, 2007siuol7

he did do it again

but he stopped because his only 3 friends liked the idea

Jan 25, 2007SonicSoaper

Friggen spammers.
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