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Release: Unknown

Grindplate: Curb Buster

The Turntable is another tough model to Soap's line. It features multiple abrasion-resistant areas such as a rubber toe bumper and heel, leather panels, metal eyelets (for lace protection), an ollie wear patch, a sidewall brake bar, a polyurethane midsole (for softer landings), and a rubber outsole with maximum surface area for better traction and stability on all surfaces. Finally, the Soap Turntable comes stock with replacable Curb Buster grind plates, which are great for grinding any surface, ledge or rail.

-Grey/Orange (grey / black / white / yellow / orange)
-Grey/Black (grey / black / white / blue)

Sizes: 3-13 (Grey/Orange came in 14)

Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside Chris Corrado hittin a Steep Frontside Mike Dean hittin a UFO at the skatepark Dillon Morris hittin a Frontside

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Apr 15, 2006 teamhoax

Might be a good performing shoe but that little reflective logo kind of makes them look like action men shoes...I expect them to have lights on the heel when you walk, lol.

Apr 15, 2006 soaphoax

lmao...i no what you meen, lol

Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

I just talked to an auctioneer on eBay... he ahs a pair of Turntables that didn't come with Curbbusters, and they are brand new. The plate is blue.

Apr 23, 2006 James

Yes,but they are size 4.

Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

Okay... they are still Turntables though. That shouldn't make a difference.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack

ya, it dose

Apr 23, 2006 Jack

ya, it dose

Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

Why, Jack?

Apr 23, 2006 James

Well I guess you could just buy them Just so You know you have a pair of really rair Soaps ut you cant Try them out.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack


Apr 23, 2006 Jack

Because, you could'nt use them.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack

Because, you could'nt use them.

Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

Jack: Don't double click.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack


Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

And limit your comments a bit. Combine your ideas, so that there are less comments to look through.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack

im on a psp so its hard to make long sentences.

Apr 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

well that was a disturbing waste of time

May 22, 2006 chip

i like theas how much are thay

Jun 11, 2006 AnthoFlex

they're rare but dunt ask that here....go to the forum.....by the way, i know this is kinda late Surfaced but what plates were they?You said they were blue....i dunno why, but im curious like that

Jun 11, 2006 Surfaced

They were Slo-Bros.

Jun 17, 2006 AnthoFlex

damn, blue slobros? those would look so cool

Jun 17, 2006 Mart

Got blue Slo Bros on my Sylons

Jun 17, 2006 AnthoFlex


Aug 20, 2006 AnthoFlex

HEy, i was just flipping through the shoes and i cant believe i never noticed that (not exactly a big deal but)thing on the side of the shoe....what does it say? To the left of the Orange logo surrounded by yellow

Aug 26, 2006 SigmaPoe

...I hate when they don't have cool colors for my size

Sep 24, 2006 shdook

Are these any good?

Oct 24, 2006 Kru

dammit to hell.. my order was cancelled! Means someone else snatched them before me. That sucks.. now I'll never get a pair of grind shoes.

Oct 31, 2006 the5cooliest

sombody has these shoes and i herd he was not that good and he got them for 20 bucks i am mad

Oct 31, 2006 matrix8967

yeah, he's trying out for the team later. he's ok...but he's getting better...My friend was describing these shoes and was like "they have a wierd plate, and you can't see the soap split, and it has two slits in the plate! I think they're express plates!" and he was wrong...and the5cooliest wants to beat the kid up and steal them...which isnt very nice of him...>:( but I won't let it happen.


Oct 31, 2006 SonicSoaper

A little bright, aren't they?

Nov 1, 2006 Kru

I wonder if the kid who got them for 20 bucks if the kid who was on the same site I was when I tried to get the same shoe for 20 bucks...

Nov 1, 2006 matrix8967

he got the blue ones...they where alot better looking.


Nov 2, 2006 Kru

blue ones? the one I was trying to buy where blue

Nov 2, 2006 matrix8967

yeah, They could, be...he said the website had them on sale...1 pair left...I'll ask him and stuff...what size are you, his where 11s


Nov 2, 2006 Kru

holy shit dude those where them.. on bewild.com size 11 .. DAMMIT TO HELL! I wanted those so badly too

Nov 2, 2006 matrix8967

yeah...that's them...I'm sorry...I can ask if I can get them from him...something like that...he did get them from bewild.com I'm sorry...If he ever wants to get rid of them, I'll contact you or something...


Nov 2, 2006 Kru

okay thats cool. I was never expecting a showdown for them. I even tried to order them and it went through, but it was soonly cancled later from the site. Maybe luck will come our way and Soap shoes may be reborn.. who knows

Nov 26, 2006 LovesMusic

those neon orange shoes are so bright, you could see them in the dark.

Nov 26, 2006 matrix8967

I think they look pretty good...


Feb 24, 2007 kobansora

I don't like the reflective colors, but they are pretty coools


Feb 24, 2007 SonicSoaper

The black/blue ones look okay but they could've done better with it.

Feb 27, 2007 RamenRadio

God I wish I had a pair of these....

Feb 27, 2007 Slidey

lol Sylon you want EVERY shoe

Feb 27, 2007 SonicSoaper

It's an obsession like no other. XD

Feb 27, 2007 Hattmac02

i dnt mind these but soaps should have made some soaps in skateboard styles instead of the normal athletic ones

Apr 27, 2007 rhinoskater30

I have never seen the blue ones before.

Apr 27, 2007 Surfaced


Jul 14, 2007 RamenRadio


Dec 1, 2011 ShadowSkater


Dec 9, 2011 EddieRamirez

Off the topic but my name is Eddie Ramirez I was featured in several soap videos years ago also I was on the cover of the shoe box many pairs of soaps were sold in. Does any one have this box with me royaling a curved rail with headphones on? If so I would love to give you some cash for it as it holds valuable memories to me. Please let me know if you do my email is ramirez.edward62@gmail.com hit me up!!

Feb 25, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Polyeurethane, is that the same stuff the Sylon midsole is made of?

Jan 29, 2015 grug250

i so need the blue pair for my collection

Jan 29, 2015 Waffle

Yea bro good luck.. Theyre rare

Jan 30, 2015 mcgrinder2011

I wish you luck Greg.

Jan 30, 2015 grug250

think i found a pair

Jan 30, 2015 Waffle

Cool if there are more tell us!

Jan 31, 2015 mcgrinder2011

Yes, please tell us! I like torturing myself to your rare find videos.

Jan 31, 2015 Waffle

Yea me 2 XD

Apr 14, 2015 Sambonie1

To EddieRamirez I think I have a box with it I'll be sending you an image via email.

Jan 20, 2016 bdavis8576

Anyone have a blue pair of these? Size 9,10, or 11 US?
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